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Early Years 

After leaving his home in Liverpool at 15 John joined the British army and travel to the far east. While trying to meet girls he enrolled in night classes for art earning a O-level and discovering his talent. John later attended  Wallasey College of Art. After graduation he got a job in the field of medical illustration (artists who witness autopsies and create pictures of anatomy for textbooks ) at Royal Marsden Hospital London. 

Comic Book Career 

Higgins has a close working relationship with writer Alan Moore, being the colorist for the legendary classics Watchmen and Batman: the Killing Joke earning him a place in history. He is collaborated on Garth Ennis's Pride and Joy and Punisher Max, co-created World Without End with Jamie Delano. He was writer-penciler-inker-colourist on his creator-owned title Razorjack, Higgins has said his done his best work on Thunderbolt Jaxon.

Never happy with the limitations of the printing process in 1986 he returned to Watchmen in 2005 to digitally rework the color with computers to give it the treatment it deserves.

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