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    Person » John Heebink is credited in 110 issues.

    Comic-book artist John Heebink is mainly a penciler, known for his work on such titles as Doll and Creature, Quasar, Elvira.

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    Working in comic books since 1990, Heebink is mainly a penciler, but works occasionally as an inker, writer, letterer or colorist. His art credits include the Vampirella Quarterly Halloween 2008 edition, the graphic novel Doll and Creature, the anthology Put the Book on the Shelf,  and the comic-book series Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD, Daredevil Annual, Quasar, Double Image:The Bod, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Elvira and Peter David's Soulsearchers & Co. He ghosted the comic strip Judge Parker for a month in late 2007 and again in February 2010. Other work includes Space Chicks and Businessmen (originally serialized in Hustler Comics) and MetaCops!, both with writer Link Yaco; his self-written feature "Wrathbone and Bitchula" in Mike Manley's Action Planet Comics; art for Dan Brereton's Nocturnals: The Troll Bridge and Hamilton's short-lived horror anthology line.
    Heebink lists his biggest influences as Jack Kirby, Alex Raymond, Al WIlliamson, John Watkiss, Kelsey Shannon, Frank Robbins, Wally Wood, Klaus Janson and Neal Adams. His first comics credits came in association with Yaco, and working as an assistant to Manley and artist Ricardo Villagran.
    Most of his work now consists of teaching about comics, visual development, perspective, face and figure drawing at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.


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