John Farson

    Character » John Farson appears in 25 issues.

    Responsible for the destruction of Gilead, John Farson is consider to be one of Roland Deschain's greatest enemies. He answers only to one person and that is The Crimson King.

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    Not much is known about the man known as Farson, he is referred to as "the Good Man" a name that can be nothing further from the truth. He is a cold blooded killer and responsible for the death of many people. He was the one who assembled the many different groups where where apposed to the rule in Gilead. Together with angry and resentful Mid-land worlders, mutants and even machines from the old days, he formed an army overwhelming any other. Besides this he also made use of may spies, coming as deep as in Gilead itself.

    He was responsible for the destruction of Gilead, and the murder of all of Roland's friends and father Steven Deschain. He is good friends with the magician known as Randall Flagg, another traitor to the thrown of Gilead, and seducer of the wife of Steven Deschain. John Farson currently thinks to have won the battle, but did not know that Roland still lives, and is planning to take him down, by whatever means necessary.


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