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John Drake was a secret agent who worked for a British secret service branch called M9 that was allied with NATO.

Unlike many spies in the 60’s Drake made little use of gadgets, and even refused to carry a gun., relying instead on his wits, training and intuition.   

A maverick, he often clashed with his superiors refusing to be an assassin, and at other times taking on cases on his own. 

These disagreements eventually led to his caustic resignation form M9 and his kidnapping and incarceration by forces unknown (M9? A foreign government? Aliens? Himself?) in an enigmatic place known only as The Village, a place where the surreal was an everyday occurrence, and where he found he was once again, as in his days as an espionage agent, reduced to a number.

In the case of The Village the number being six.

In the end Drake escaped the village, or he didn’t, or something else altogether, like The Village itself what really happened remains arcane. 

You sure Drake was # 6? 
Well Patrick McGoohan said no (he didn’t own the rights to the John Drake character) others involved in the making of The Prisoner however say yes, also in a number of novels based on The Prisoner it’s stated outright he was John Drake, fans point out such things as characters from Danger Man showing up in The Prisoner and other things, in the DC mini-series set 20 years later the subject is side-stepped altogether, so lets err on the side of it being more interesting if they are the same character and say that John Drake was # 6. 

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