John Dandy

    Character » John Dandy appears in 8 issues.

    Former government agent who was sent to exterminate the second incarnation of the Brotherhood of Dada.

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    An archaeology professor by day, John Dandy, using the codename Yankee Doodle, secretly worked for the American government as part of the Unusual Operations Division. Using the chemical pseudoderm, which he stole from Aristotle Rodor, he was able to mould extremely realistic masks, making him a master of disguise. During a crisis when a high-ranking government official stole several sensitive documents and hid away in the city below the Pentagon, Dandy pursued him, but lost contact with the surface after sending several increasingly bizarre messages about the lost city. A man claiming to be Dandy returned a year later, driven mad and wearing a strange twisted face. He was imprisoned deep within the Pentagon, in case they should ever need him again.


    John Dandy was created by Grant Morrison and Richard Case. He made his first appearance in Doom Patrol #51.

    Major Story Arcs

    Nobody for President

    Released from his imprisonment, John Dandy is directed to attack the Brotherhood of Dada, who are running a campaign to have their leader, Mr Nobody, elected president. He leaps onto the stage during a political rally being lead by Mr Nobody. He shatters Alias the Blur, resulting in the death of its human host. He is hit by the Brotherhood's bus, driven by Agent !, but recovers quickly. He is briefly halted by Number None, but manages to use one of his faces to turn Mr Nobody back into the human Eric Morden, and impales him on a wooden spike. He is distracted by the intervention of the Love Glove, but is able to attack Cliff Steel and prevent him from returning Mr Nobody into the Painting That Ate Paris, and Mr Nobody dies. Afterwards, he is taken back into custody by the government.

    Powers and Abilities

    John Dandy appears to be superhumanly strong and durable, as well as very agile. He is a skilled unarmed fighter. He is constantly surrounded by seven male faces, which are typically screaming; these faces can sense fear, and may forcefully attach themselves to others. The effect of the faces on normal humans is unclear. He is able to see clearly despite his eyes being two scrabble tiles, and able to speak despite his mouth apparently being a comb.


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