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    Ages old Kherubim warrior who inspired the Spartan androids. In the Wild Storm he was a member of the WildCATs

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    Wildstorm Universe

    John Colt, was previously known as Yon (or Yohn) Kohl, a Kherubim and member of the Pantheon Class on Khera. Growing up like most of the Pantheon, Yon was trained to be a warrior from birth. The creatures he learned to fight against were the Daemonites, his races sworn enemy. He became a war lord that was so respected that his body was used as the template for the Spartan Guards (see Kherubim Technology). Some thousands of years ago, Yon was aboard a Kherubim vessel that found itself locked in battle with a Daemonite ship in the space above Earth. The ships battled fiercely and both were damaged and crashed to the planet. Over the next thousands of years, the Kherubim-Daemonite war continued, but both sides began to blend in with the humans that surrounded them (Kherubim looked human and Daemonites could shape shift and steal bodies) and their battles became less and less visible.

    Team One

    In the 1930's Yon Kohl changed his name to John Colt and began a career as an adventurer and an American Hero. His abilities weren't as great as some other Kherubim on Earth (like Mr. Majestic) so many believed he was just a normal man, his abilities no more than anyone could acquire if they trained, persevered, believed in themselves, and believed in the nation. He was major John Colt, a normal American serving his country. He was a super patriot, the Captain America of the Wildstorm Universe. Because of this, he was chosen to be a member of a special team built to stop an alien menace.

    In the early 60’s a Daemonite named Helspont made a move against humanity. He tried to start a nuclear war between the most powerful nations on Earth in order to get humans to destroy themselves so the planet would be empty for the Daemonites. Lord Emp, a Kherubim, created Team 1 to combat Helspont and the villains he had gathered to help him. Team 1 was made up of many characters that would go on to their own roles in the Wildstorm Universe and John Colt was asked to be a part of this team. He accepted, becoming the field leader of the group. As soon as the team was formed, they were sent into battle against Helspont, who had already seized control of a US missile base so he could get access to a nuke.

    As Helspont got ready to launch the missile, Team 1 arrived and a fight ensued. Team 1 was vastly outnumbered and things quickly got out of hand. John was taking on a legion of Daemonites on his own, but they were getting past him and were making their way to the member of his team that was responsible for stopping Helspont's bomb from launching.

    John was in the middle of the aliens but couldn't take them all out so he ordered Majestic to use his laser vision to kill them all. Majestic didn't want to do it since it would kill John too, but there was no other choice so he blasted them all away. Even though John sacrificed himself, the team still failed and the missile was launched. Fortunately, one member of the team (Regiment) jumped on the missile and destroyed it as it flew, possibly dying in the process.

    As Kaizen Gamorra

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    However Colt didn't die. His alien body healed but his mind was fractured and corrupted. Making use of his apparent dead, he and Miles Craven orchestrated the overthrow and replacement of Kaizen Gamorra, the absolute master of Gamorra Island and leader of the Clan Gamorra. Colt, using plastic surgery and surrounding himself with allies, posed like him for decades. When members of Team 7 dared to enter Gamorra, in search of a cure for a sickness derived of their powers than it was killing them, Colt (as Kaizen) allied again with Miles Craven to defeat them. The machinations of both men caused than even the international team Stormwatch had to involve themselves in the defense of Gamorra, something than they didn't enjoyed. Specially when other teasm such as WildCATs and Gen 13 involved themselves in defense of Team 7.

    The arribval of the uberbeing known as Damocles forced the hand of "Gamorra" and Craven. The action of Damocles caused tsunamis than razed the island. In the middle of the ruins, eventually Kohl found himself face to face with the WildCATs and Spartan, who was hosting his mind and personality previous to his death. After a battle with Spartan that ended with Kaizen (Kohl) being dethroned he was killed by Mr. Majestic again. John Colt was now awakened in Spartan who even began to use the name John Colt.

    The Wild Storm

    In the Wild Storm storyline, Yon Kohl was a low level kheran soldier who was recruited into Emp's plans, unaware of them. However he had grow to like and enjoy his life on earth, which was pretty much better than his original life on Khera.


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