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    Multi-time WWE champion, former world tag team champion, former United States Champion. This man never quits. Coming out from West Newbury, Massachusetts have become the face of the WWE making movies, music albums and representing the WWE in many different ways.

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    WWE Superstars (Super Genius Comics)

    In Titan City, John Cena is a police officer. A brief case with $10 million goes missing on a sting operation Cena is in charge of. Framed for a crime he didn't commit, he sits in prison for a year. Having no more evidence against him, he's released.


    John Cena was born in West Newbury Massachusetts and he watched wrestling as a child. He later joined WWE and had his first match with Kurt Angle on Smackdown. His impressive showings earned the respect of other superstars notably The Undertaker.


    • Super Strength - John Cena is a powerful man and has a lot of strength. He is powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with superstars that are more powerful than him like Brock Lesnar and Big Show. He is also able to hold his own against anybody and find a way to win the match. Cena is particularly known for his strength. He is able to surprisingly lift superstars that are Super heavyweights like Mark Henry and Big Show and lift two superstars simultaneously even one that is a Super heavyweight as seen with Big Show and Edge. He is also able to enter into a mode known as "Super Cena" where he fires at his opponent with moves and does his Five Moves of Doom. He is also strong enough to power out of finishing submission moves like the Accolade and Kimura Lock.
    • Great Endurance/Stamina - Cena possesses very high stamina and he is able to endure loads of punishment that can easily take out an average man. Examples being his match with The Miz at Over The Limit where he was dominated for 80% of the match but refused to quit and his match with Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules 2012. He is also able to endure all sorts of submission moves and refuse to submit even with an arm sling but he can pass out of finishers.


    • Shoulder Block - Cena takes down his opponent with a shoulder block however the opponent often gets up only to be met with another one.
    • Spin-Out Powerbomb - Cena wraps his arm around the opponent's waist and lifts him from the backside, spins a little and slams them down on the mat before standing in front of the downed opponent's head.
    • Five Knuckle Shuffle - Cena raises his hand then lowers it at his opponent's face. He then waves it in a mocking manner before going to the ropes and back to do a little dance before driving his fist into his opponent's face. This makes the opponent get up while stunned.
    • Attitude Adjustment - Cena lifts his opponent in a fireman carry style and slams his opponent forward. This is Cena's ultimate attack.
    • STF - Cena ties his opponent's leg with Cena's before wrapping his hands around the opponent's head and applying pressure.

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