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John Candy grew up in Toronto, Canada. He was able to join the Toronto branch of Second City, a popular comedy troupe based in Chicago. This led to his role in the Canadian comedy TV show called SCTV (Second City Television). Eventually, SCTV was picked up by NBC in 1981, and it became an Emmy award winning show. After SCTV was cancelled in 1983, John Candy went on to play in many popular comedy movies in the 1980's and early to mid 1990's.


John Candy produced and starred in a 1989–1992 television cartoon comedy series called Camp Candy. He did the voice of his character, named John Candy, based on himself. Camp Candy was adapted into a comic book series called Camp Candy created by Marvel, including Angelo DeCesare (writer) and Howard "Howie" Post (penciler).

Character Evolution

The comic book version of John Candy was based on the John Candy of the cartoon series, so they looked similar. They both have light brown parted hair, a camper-style shirt and shorts, and hiking boots.

The comic book John Candy had lighter hair and clothes. He usually had white socks peeking out of the top of his hiking boots.

Ironically, it was in the cartoon where John Candy displayed superhuman abilities. For example, in the intro to the cartoon, he would float through the air with his nose following a smell. He swung on a rope bridge that propelled him in the air to land on a geyser that stopped and put him safely on the ground. These were cartoon-style physical comedy effects, not superpowers. He was just a normal human camp counselor in the cartoon.

Major Story Arc


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