John Byrne's Next Men #30

    John Byrne's Next Men » John Byrne's Next Men #30 - Lies Part 4 released by Dark Horse Comics on December 1, 1994.

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     All the actors are in place for the final act of the Next Men series.

    In the White House, Aldus Hilltop, becoming the future Sathanus after his sexual relationship with Jasmine, talks with the Dr Axelrod about the
    long-time plan of the other Sathanus, the one from the future who guides him to this day.
    Outside, 3 Next Men (Nathan, Bethany and Danny) talks with Thomas Kirkland, another traveller from the future, about the murder of Aldus Hilltop,
    the future president. In fact, in 2115, some scientist had discover that Aldus Hilltop, the for-life president of the humanity of 2115, is, in
    fact, the worst enemy of humanity: Sathanus. So, Thomas had travel to the present day to kill Aldus-Sathanus before he became too more powerful.

    Not far, Amanda watson travels in a car with Susan Tyrelle and Cornelius Van Damme, with his mind insert in the Mark IV's android body. They want
    too to kill Aldus Hilltop but with the plan to replace him thanks to the morphing ability of Mark IV's body. So, the greedy Van Damme could gain
    the greatest power for a man: president of the USA.

    Tony Murcheson has also join the White House with a former agent of Control. But suddenly, a strange being in a black spacesuit appears in a
    black warp and drags her in a unknown place. Not far, Jasmine kills the Dr Axelrod after she had discovered that he had deceived her. But, when
    she is flying, the same strange being appears and drags her too.
    In the same time, Thomas Kirkland and the other Next Men have entered in the WHite House. Thomas tries to convince them to place a lot of bombs
    in the building but the heroes desagree. They stun him and search about Hilltop in order to save him. However, when they find him, they
    immediately see that he is already become Sathanus. The evil man offers them to join him in order to control the entire world.
    The Next Men refuses and, suddenly, Thomas Kirkland re-appears, equiped with a explosive belt. Several black warps open behind Bethany, Nathan and Danny and black gloved hands drag them in the warp before Thomas, shot by a guard, turn on his bomb. The entire White House exploses !!!

    Some time later, Aldus Hilltop, safe and sound, explain to the medical assistance that his followers, Susan Tyrelle and Amanda Watson, and him
    was very fortunate. In fact, it's easy to understand that this man is Cornelius Van Damme, with Aldus Hilltop's shape.
    Not far, 3 hench men, hired for a very long time by the Sathanus of the future, takes out a body from the pieces of the White House. The senator Aldus Hilltop is now really become Sathanus, the humanity's enemy of the future.

    As to the Next Men, They have all desappear in strange warp. For that happen next, see the Next Men 2010 series.



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