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Joseph "Joey" Stagg is the son of Sapphire Stagg and Rex Mason, the superpowered adventurer known as Metamorpho. He had powers similar to Metamorpho except he can turn any object into any element, instead of turning himself into any element. At birth he turned the doctor and the midwife into mercury. As a baby he was raised by machines until Simon Stagg could find a way to cure his grandson. However, it wasn't Simon who would lead to Joey's loss of power, but his father's former crime-fighting partner, Element Girl. Believing to have found a way to cure them all with the Orb of Ra, Element Girl was actually killed in the process. However, since the meteor transforms those who touch it and Joey transforms the things he touches, the two naturally cancelled each other out. Joey was cured of his condition and the meteor was rendered inert. Joey now lives with his mother, Sapphire.


Joey was created by Keith Giffen for his Justice League Europe series.

Major Story Arcs

Justice League Europe

Metamorpho wants to meet his son Joey for the first time, but first he needs to fight Guy Gardner and the Metal Men. Even with the help of Buddy Baker and Rocket Red it isn't until Sapphire steps in that Metamorpho is able to hold his son. This is when he learns that Joey's powers don't work on Sapphire and Simon nor Rex himself. Although Java isn't so lucky and half his body gets turned to slag. Rex leaves Joey in the care of his mother and grand father.

Metamorpho Mini Series

Joey is cured of his condition

Divided we Fall

Metamorpho has been seemingly killed once again Joey wishes his father would come back. This wish is granted but instead of coming back normal Rex comes back a glob of elements and attacks Joey and Sapphire. Luckly the JLA shows up and with the help of the Cathexis they send Rex back from where he came.

Birds of Prey


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