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While on a fishing trip with his family Joey and the rest of the Abernathy family were given a meteor that crashed nearby.


Joey was created by Chuck Austen and Ron Garney for there JLA story arc The Pain of the Gods. Although Joey is seen in Issue 101, he isn't given a name until issue #102, and doesn't speak until issue #103.

Major Story Arcs

JLA: The Pains of the Gods

Joey's father is killed while trying to be a superhero helping Superman. Joey's mom doesn't blame Superman but Joey does. Over the next couple days Superman watches over Joey, first at a distance then later Superman flies in to help Joey when it looks likes some bullies may beat him up. When Superman swoops in, Joey gets mad at him blaming him for not saving his father.

Later, Joey dons a cape and costume much like his father's and stands up to the bullies again. This time Superman does not interfere and Joey uses his super strength to hold the bullies off the ground. Superman then swoops in when it looks like Joey may hurt the other boys. Joey, still angry at Superman punches Superman through several building and runs off before Superman comes to his senses.

Later, Joey's mom, along with Mandy, Joey's sister, meets Joey at the home of Clinton, the man Mrs. Abernathy feels is responsible for her husbands death. Mrs. Abernathy leaves Mindy and Joey downstairs and goes upstairs to get revenge, but Mandy drags Joey upstairs. There Joey learns what his mother planned on doing and with the help of the JLA and Mandy he stops his mom from making a big mistake.

Later at the grave site of his father Joey tells Superman that he still blames him for not saving his father, and storms off leaving Superman more hurt then he has ever been before.


Joey has super strength to the level that one punch knocked Superman several blocks away.


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