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There´s still a fading light

In terms of narrative and the story this issue has hit the wall, unfortunally because Morrison chose to do this issue as a buffer zone to what happened last issue and the final decision of Joe to continue his quest for the Light and a can of Soda, but speaking about the art and the dialogues this was a great issue - the fact that in a subconscious level Joe is creating all of this fantasy world to deal with his pain, creating avatars like the Queen Bree, Chakk and the mission to finaly go downstairs and check what lies hidden in the basement (probably his father stuff), makes the whole lot of dialogues between him and the Queen understandable, like the sign that if he just stays cozy by the fire, he doesn´t have to leave or to imperil himself again, but this inert state won´t do anybody no good, specially to the subjects of Playtown - one ot the most funny things that happened in this issue (perhaps in this whole series) was the DC characters and others from TV gathered in Playtown, from Batman, Lobo, the G.I.Joes, He-Man, Star Trek, Transformers and John Constantine hugging Wonder-Woman, hilarious - again the best thing about this issue is definitely the art of Sean Murphy and the colors of Dave Stewart - I liked most of the dialogues but I still think that in storywise this was a set back, if it was necessary for the narrative, I can´t precise, but it was a waste of time just putting the Queen to protect Joe and forbidding him to go to the Death King´s lair - this wasn´t a bad issue at all, but not as great as the previous ones, still I recommend this a lot.
4 out 5

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