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    Character » Joe Swanson appears in 7 issues.

    Joe Swanson is a full time Police Officer in the Quahog Police Department. He is Peter’s handicapped neighbour and closest friend.

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    Joe Swanson is a handy capable police officer in Quahog, Road Island. He is married to Bonnie Swanson son Kevin and daughter Susie.

    Joe lives his days in a wheelchair which is the result of falling off a roof in persuit of the Grinch, leaving much mental stress when the 25th of December comes around each year.

    Joe is most commonly known for the almost unreachable high standards he sets for himself and son kevin, and also trademark over-enthusiam. He often makes remarks like "Let's do it!" ,"Get Some!" and "Bring it on!" when faced with difficult physical challenges.

    Although handicapped he always makes the best out of situations, whether its taking out the garbage by placing the garbage bag between his legs and walking outside on his hands to fighting of giant mutated rats when the lower half of his body is melted into the ground.

    His three best freinds Peter Griffin, Glen Quagmire and Cleveland Brown often socially drink together at their local pub "The Drunken Clam". Although his freinds can often be rowdy, immature and not always law-obiding, Joe is always an officer first and friend second. 
    Joe's eldest child was his son Kevin Swnason who looked very much like him. Kevin was Meg's first real love interest but it was recently revealed that he died in the Iraq War. Joe also has an adorable daughter named Susie who was born after 8 seasons of Bonnie being pregnant.  
    Joe is shown to be good freinds with a lot of people including Mort Goldman, Peter Griffin, Glenn Quagmire, Cleveland Brown, Lois Griffin, and Jerome.  He can also be manipulated imto Peter's schemes like reforming the Beatles and the A Team.


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