I was in Cup O' Joe!

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Ok so I submited a question to this weeks' Cup O' Joe and he answered hehehe:

Kiel Phegley: There’s a huge amount of questions about Norman Osborn and the whole Goblin family. Let’s begin with sora_thekey who asks, "A few months back, there was a solicit of a title named: 'Dark Reign: The Goblin Legacy.’ Was the whole project dropped or something?"

Joe Quesada: Hey sora_thekey, it's absolutely still coming out. It's a reprinting of “Amazing Spider-Man” #39 and #40, in which Norman Osborn's identity as the Green Goblin is revealed for the first time with a brand new framing sequence by Karl Kesel and Mike Mayhew. As a matter of fact, how about if we show you some beautiful black and white preview art from Mike Mayhew!

Check out the whole interview......

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the link does not work for me. But at least he answered your question

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@pixelized said:
" Congrats! "

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Awesome! :D

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thats awesome but i still hate joe Q

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