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    Joe Kelly is a writer and creator in comics and television. He is best known for his work on Deadpool and Action Comics. He co-created the animated series Ben 10 with the Man of Action Studio (he being a part of the team). Currently he is working on his own series.

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    Joseph "Joe" Kelly is best known for his close-to-three years run on Deadpool spanning from 1997 to 1999. Kelly also worked on Action Comics from 1999 to 2004 and is famous for writing Action Comics #775 which is regarded by some as the best individual issue ever. He wrote on JLA for 32 issues in from 2002 to 2004. Kelly is also the creator of the comic book series "I Kill Giants", which has been started publishing in 2008 by Image Comics. He's a part of "Man of Action Studios" currently and is one of the creators of the animated series Ben 10.


    Joseph Kelly received his Master of Fine Arts at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. He still teaches Writing for Animation and Writing for Comics there. After being recruited into Marvel Comics' Stan-hattan Project by editor James Felder at NYU, Kelly worked in the class for six months. The mentioned project was supposed to train potential comic book writers at the university. After six months he was offered a joc scripting Fantastic Four 2099. Though initially taking this assignment, Kellys first work which got published in 1996 by Marvel was 2099: World of Tomorrow #1-8 and Marvel Fanfare Vol. 2 #2-3.

    Joe Kellys first monthly assignment in 1997 was Deadpool, which is actually the work which he is mostly known for today. His run is also regarded as being the most essential Deadpool story ever, though at the time it wasn't quite as popular as it is today, it was actually oftentimes close to being cancelled. Kelly left the title with #33 in 1997. At one point, in 1997, Kelly became the writer of Daredevil, working on the issues #365-375, leaving the title in 1998.

    His next major assignment with Marvel was a 16-issue run on the company's best selling title at the time: X-Men. He left the title after issue #85 in 1999.

    The next milestone in Joe Kelly's career was working for Marvel's competitor: DC Comics. Kelly worked on DC's title "Action Comics" starring Superman starting with #760 in 1999. He kept working on the title for 5 years, leaving it with #813 in 2004. During this run he also produced the issue #775, introducing the team The Elite. The issue got the title "the single best issue of a comic book written in the year 2001" and was adapted for an animated movie.

    In the meantime he created Steampunk in 2000, which ended with #12 in 2002. He also worked on Superboy (#83-93) in 2001 and JLA (#61-93) in 2002.

    Joe Kelly is currently a part of the Man of Action collective of creators, co-creating the Ben 10 animated series and working on Disney XDs series "Ultimate Spider-Man" as a Supervising Producer.

    It was revealed at SDCC 2015 that Joe and Ed McGuinness will be working together again on a new comic-book series featuring Deadpool and Spider-Man called: "Spider-Man/Deadpool". The series will debut sometime next year (It was originally going to be Fall 2015 but it didn't come out).


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