Joe Gardner

    Character » Joe Gardner appears in 30 issues.

    The evil alien clone of Guy Gardner created by the Draal, he is psychotic and very powerful.

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    Joe Gardner was created by Chuck Dixon and Joe Staton. He first appeared in Guy Gardner #11.


    Joe Gardner was a clone created by the Draal of the half-alien Guy Gardner. Armed with a yellow power ring he clashed with Guy during his time as a Green Lantern and later when he was known as the Warrior only to be defeated each time. Following his defeat he ended up imprisoned in a European country, alongside mad scientist Dr. Pop who gave him increased super powers through genetic tampering. He is however freed alongside the scientist by Oracle and Black Canary following being tricked by a disguised Parademon. He then set out to conquer the country, while being opposed by the vastly out powered Black Canary. Canary however was ultimately saved when Oracle called in Superman who with little effort defeated the clone, as he was taken into custody by the U.S. military.

    He was then being shipped to the Slab alongside Mammoth, Shrapnel, Lady SpellBinder and Sudden Death when the train they were riding on was sent through a Boom Tube trapping them on Apokolips. While Black Canary and Catwoman searched for a motherbox the marshals on board were forced to release the prisoners in order to combat the waves of Parademons. Upon returning to Earth Joe alongside the others contemplated betraying the marshals until being confronted by a platoon of soldiers and Power Girl.


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