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Joe Fitzgerald while in a gun fight with someone else. His car runs off the road and down a hill which knocks him unconscious. He is awaken by a beautiful women named Laura. They have a brief conversation in which Joe explains to her what happened and that he was trying to kill the other guy before he killed him.He asks her what is she going to do now. Laura decides to drop Joe off at the Hospital. Joe then begins to fall in love with Laura and he starts to bring gifts to her house on a weekly basis. She then says that she wants to talk to Joe. They have a small conversation over coffee. Joe than says to Laura that she is the most beautiful women he has ever meant. They begin to start dating each other.

He promises Laura that will quit the Mob. When he goes to his boss they make agreement in which Joe just has to do one more job and then he is done. Unknown to him at the time it was a set up. When he arrives to the person house who he is to kill. Joe finds out that his target was a man who practices dark magic. Joe goes to him house to warn Laura what had happened. But, it was it is to late. The demon kills him and Laura. Before he dies an Angel appears before him and makes a deal. That if he dies doing a "good deed" he will be able to see Laura in "Heaven" for 5 min. and then return to life. And without hesitation he agrees.

The Agreement

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