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Jodo Kast was once apart of the spec ops branch of the rebellion when it was very isolated. He was not very interested in the ideals of the republic, but rather the credits to be made from the conflict. During one battle he killed a Mandalorian named Feskitt Bobb, who was working for the empire. Bobb was mistaken for Boba fett initially and that paved the way for his next move. Jodo Kast recovered Mandalorian Armor very similar to that worn by Boba Fett on the planet Zaadja. The armor was heavily modified to look as close to Boba Fett's infamous armor as possible. After a while he would modify his armor again to obtain a more unique appearance.

He was inexperienced and survived most missions by luck and the protection his armor afforded. Kast had started out with two partners in bounty hunting and usually took all the credit for their kills. He began getting bigger and better bounties because of his armor and was a more affordable option than Boba Fett. The Empire often hired him and so did the Black Sun criminal empire on occasion. Before being called by the Empire he was hunting the Aqualish pirate Ponda Baba.

Often he was mistaken for Fett and he used that to get larger bounties until he came across Dengar who knew he was not the legendary bounty hunter. After being alerted by Dengar, Fett came to reclaim his honor and shut down his impostor. Fett hired Kast and had several traps set to test him and his abilities. Jodo Kast saw that he was set up once he saw the famed bounty hunter awaiting him. The battle was brief and Jodo's inexperience and lack of skill would cost him his life. While immobilized, his jet pack was rigged to blow. Unable to reach it in time he met his unfortunate end.


Mandalorian Armor complete with a jet pack, flamethrower, grapple hook, and poison darts (both lethal and non lethal).

Blastech J3-E left handed blaster rifle (modified to look like Boba Fett's rifle).

Stun Collar

Foxcatch - A modified Lamda Class shuttle loaded with weapons.

Other Media

Jodo Kast is a main character in the role playing game Tatooine Manhunt which was published by West End Games in June of 1988. He is one of the few characters with no alliances to any others.

Jodo Kast appears in the Star Wars themed fighting game Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi (1997) for the Playstation. He is an unlockable character who's canon in the story is debatable. His in game voice was provided by Neil Ross.


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