Character » Jocko appears in 15 issues.

    Right-hand man of Sally, a mobster from Venice Beach who had several run-ins with Wolverine and his robotic doppelganger, Albert.

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    Major Story Arcs

    See Venice & Die!

    Jocko, along with Reno, and Molokai were a group of mobsters that worked for Sally, their boss who had illegal casinos all over the Los Angeles area. When Albert, an android replica of Wolverine, began robbing them, they put up wanted posters for Wolverine. Storm, who was also looking for Wolverine, questioned Sally and his men about their manhunt for her friend and was shocked when she was shown security footage of a man who looked like Wolverine robbing Sally's casinos. When Sally threatened Storm however, she used her powers to destroy his establishment (and send his hairpiece flying).

    When Reno and Molokai claimed they had caught Wolverine, Sally and Jocko quickly came to deal with the situation, but Sally berated them when it appeared they'd gotten the wrong guy since another one of their casinos just got robbed again. It turned out Wolverine had simply been playing possum while waiting for Sally and his men to talk about his doppelganger, and he left to confront Albert. Sally and his men pursued to do likewise, but wound up being washed away by a tidal wave from Storm before they could get revenge on Albert.


    Jocko's bright idea.
    Jocko's bright idea.

    Albert, badly damaged from his fight with Wolverine, winds up being found by Sally and his men who are able to see that Albert is in fact a highly sophisticated machine. Jocko convinces Sally that they could make good use of Albert and so the mobsters introduce themselves as friends.

    Soon however, Albert's partner Elsie Dee contacts him and tells him of how she is almost set to explode to kill Wolverine as she was programmed, even though she no longer wants to do so. Albert orders Sally and his men to take him to an electronics store so that he can find a way to save Elsie Dee, to which they comply for the sake of keeping Albert agreeable. Albert manages to remotely hack Elsie Dee and stop her from detonating, but his hacking of NSA databases in the process wound up alerting the FBI, who subsequently arrived at the store and shot Albert to pieces. Jocko, Sally, and the rest of his men wound up being arrested by local authorities for their involvement with Albert.


    Albert however manages to repair himself after he was brought to a police station, and he winds up freeing his "friends" from their jail cell, leaving Sally and his men to try and salvage what was left of their operations in Los Angeles.


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