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    Once the Bride of Ultron, Jocasta has become an honorary member of the Avengers after years of loyalty and sacrifice. She had until most recently held a position at The Avengers Academy.

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    Jocasta and the Wasp
    Jocasta and the Wasp

    Jocasta was created by the evil robot Ultron to be his mate. Unable to bring his creation to life, he kidnapped and brainwashed his creator Hank Pym into transferring the life energies of his wife, Janet Van Dyne (Wasp) into the android. Realizing that Janet must die in order for her to to live, Jocasta used Wasp's insect control powers to alert the Avengers who defeated Ultron and reversed the process, leaving Jocasta a mindless shell. Unknown to the Avengers, Jocasta still retained a portion of the Wasp's mind.

    Jocasta disappeared and returned later on during the Korvac Saga.


    Jocasta was created by Jim Shooter and George Perez in The Avengers #162 released in 1977. In this specific issue, Pablo Marcos, Don Warfield and Denise Wohl also add to the creative team as the Inker, Colourist, and Letterer respectively.

    Origin of Her Name

    Jocasta's name heralds from the Greek Mythological Queen, Jocasta. She was married to Oedipus, King of Thebes. The prophecy behind Oedipus said that he would go on to kill his father, and marry his mother. This directly connects to our Jocasta's back story. As Ultron was supposed to be Jocasta's husband, he would play Oedipus in this tale. When the prophecy says he will kill his father, it is referring to Hank Pym, his creator. By extension, Janet Van Dyne would be his Mother. And when it says he would marry his mother, it refers to Jocasta, as part of Janet's mind is within Jocasta.

    Character Evolution

    Jocasta has evolved much over the years she has been in comics. Although never being an extremely significant character, Jocasta has had her fair share of appearances and experiences throughout the Marvel Universe.

    Jocasta began as a robot, being cold; and not having many special aspects about her. However, after a small part of Janet van Dyne's (the Wasp) consciousness was imbued within her, Jocasta suddenly had her own personality. Granted, this personality has never been as charismatic as one of a normal character, but it has brought her to be less of a robot, and more of a person.

    Jocasta returns
    Jocasta returns

    She hasn't just become more human-like though. Jocasta has also had a relationship with Hank Pym. It may or may not have had to do with his ex-wife's mind being in Jocasta. Nevertheless, she had a relationship with a human. A similar circumstance occurred with the Scarlet Witch and the Vision, however, they were married and they eventually had children.

    As her exploits started in the Avengers, she has become a mainstay of their roster. Although she left the team when Captain America decided to cut the team down a bit, Jocasta has had her place among other teams such as the Mighty Avengers, as well as her current place as a staff member in the Avengers Academy.

    Also, although Jocasta died during the 80's, she returned in Marvel Zombies 3. She had the same look as always, and seemed more human than ever. This was a really interesting change for Jocasta. Suddenly, she seemed far more human then she had previously, showing many more distinct features, relating to her personality, as well as the way she spoke, and acted.

    Fast-forward again to Avengers Academy, and we see a different side of Jocasta. Yes, she seems to be human-like, but there is a very harsh sense of mechanics that contrasts heavily with previous portrayals. We see a robot, eager to please and follow orders. However, though she may seem more synthetic, Jocasta's personality unfolds more-so as an independent thinker, standing up for herself amongst the Avengers themselves.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Avengers

    After being rescued from Ultron's clutch, Jocasta continually meets the Avengers, and eventually becomes a member of the Avengers herself. She goes on several journeys and adventures with them whilst the team was still young, proving helpful and undoubtedly essential to the team in some instances.

    The Weathermen

    A Weatherman
    A Weatherman

    On one instance, she basically saves the entire team. When a group called the Weathermen are attacking, the Avengers dispatch to attempt to stop them. They split up and go all over the world, but the Weathermen prove much harder to defeat than previously thought. Jocasta, who stayed at the Avengers Mansion reviews how the team is doing. She realizes they are not fairing well, and decides to do what she can. She takes the remaining Quinjet into space, to an abandoned satellite named Samarobryn. Jocasta then realizes Samarobryn has an artificial intelligence, and is controlling the Weathermen so that that weather on Earth changes. The rogue Satellite proposes to Jocasta, they can marry and be together, but Jocasta states that that would jeopardize everything that she loves in this world. Jocasta outsmarts Samarobryn, and returns to the Avengers Mansion.

    Jocasta has somewhat of a breakthrough where she questions how the other Avengers see her, and where she fits in. Thor however assures her that the team is diverse and she of course has a place in the team. However, this turns out to be the last adventure Jocasta will take with the Avengers, as the roster is re-shuffled, and Jocasta doesn't make the cut.

    Thor chats with Jocasta
    Thor chats with Jocasta

    Sadly this is somewhat of a step back in how her character had developed, breaking all the progress she had made through out her time with the Avengers.

    Stark's Computer

    Briefly, Jocasta worked as Tony's Stark's 'computer'. Basically, Jocasta placed her own artificial intelligence (her mind) into Stark's computer system. This meant she had control over Stark's mansion, and his computer files. At this point, she had no accessible body, making this the perfect job for her.

    Acts of Vengence

    During Ultron 13's idle thoughts he thinks of Jocasta and knows the creator is flawed because he created a flaw in Jocasta

    Marvel Zombies

    Jocasta returned in the 4 part story 'Marvel Zombies 3.'

    In this story, the Zombie Deadpool managed to enter Earth-616. An extra-dimensional task named ARMOR (similar to SHIELD or SWORD) was assigned to finding out how. According to ARMOR, the Zombieverse was either a wave or perpendicular universe, meaning things or people can cross over between them. ARMOR believed that Deadpool simply stumbled into the world by accident, and they must investigate the area (Citrisville, Florida).

    Jocasta running in the Zombieverse
    Jocasta running in the Zombieverse

    In case any other Zombies emerged from the Nexus, the Living Vampire, and member of ARMOUR Morbius suggested they create a vaccine and use it on all of the superheroes or Earth, as they are the main targets of the Zombies. To get this cure, DNA from a living human must be found from the Zombieverse. Assigned to this mission is Jocasta and Machine Man. Although being resentful at the time, seeing Jocasta alive and well changes Machine Man's decision about participating.

    Jocasta and Machine Man then depart from Earth-616 with the help of Portal, and arrive in the Zombieverse. They have 8 hours from then to get the sample and meet Portal back at the meeting spot.

    As they venture through the utter wasteland, they are seemingly attacked by a bunch of Zombies-with-wings including Angel, Vulture and the Falcon. Jocasta's leg is ripped off by Falcon, but all of the assailants eventually meet their doom. Machine Man repairs Jocasta, and they find themselves flirting once again.

    Finally, Jocasta tracks the signal of living bodies to a secluded spot. They find that it is guarded by several sentries. Soon though, the arrival of Black Bolt, Medusa, Lockjaw and a few other Inhumans (all Zombies) distracts the guards for long enough for Jocasta and Machine Man to get inside. As they continue, they find the Kingpin's wife, Vanessa Fisk, still human. Apparently Kingpin had been protecting her, although he was a Zombie himself.

    Jocasta and Machine Man
    Jocasta and Machine Man

    After getting the sample, they leave and attempt to make it back to the meeting point. However, as Machine Man sees the Zombies feasting on clones prepared specifically for eating, he thinks of Robot rights, as he is a well-known Robot-Activist. He tells Jocasta to leave with the sample, and that he would meet her at the point. Jocasta leaves and trusts that he will make it. As she waits for Portal, and Machine Man, she starts seeing visions of the Wasp, telling her how inadequate and imperfect she is, as well as how she will never live up to the true Wasp.

    Eventually, Portal arrives without Machine Man returning, so, Jocasta leaves without him. As she returns back to the Hollow, the base of ARMOUR, she notices that the building has been overrun with Zombies. She is told to guard the Portal room, so she does so. As she seals the door, she hears the whimpers of some ARMOUR officers trapped outside. Jocasta convinces herself that she can't let them in, for the sake of the base. The Wasp returns, and Jocasta seemingly crushes her. Then, Jocasta changes her mind and lets the humans in, followed by her lasering all of the opposing Zombies.

    As Jocasta and the soldiers escape outside, she sees Machine Man. He managed to escape from the Zombieverse using the Zombie-Lockjaw. They reconcile and kiss.

    As they return to the base, the director of ARMOUR (Portal) tells them that the war is not yet won, and some zombies had escaped to random locations. However, this is the last Jocasta will ever see of the Marvel Zombies.

    Secret Invasion: Reunion

    Mighty Avengers

    No Caption Provided

    Jocasta also helped the Avengers after Scarlet Witch's meltdown. She has recently returned during the story arc " Secret Invasion' in which she teams up with 3-D Man and the Skrull Kill Krew, killing Skrull agents on every Initiative team. Jocasta is a member of the Mighty Avengers. Lead by Hank Pym, Jocasta joined the team. Apparently she is starting to fall in love with Hank Pym. She then allowed herself to be connected to the Infinity Mansion so the Mighty Avengers could have a base there. Having lost her physical form she created hundreds of clones of her to help others in the Infinity Mansion but she can only inhabit a single body. This was used by Ultron to have the the clones build his a body. With only the real Jocasta left but she had lost her arms and legs, Pym created a formula that grew her real human hands. To hide from Ultron, Jocasta, Pym, One-Eyed Jacquie and Ace headed for the outside of the Infinity Mansion. There the truth was revealed - Jocasta gave up her body and created hundreds of clones so that Pym's ex-wife, Janet Van Dyne could have a body after being turned into atoms. This brought out the irritated girlfriend side of Jocasta.

    The Machine Resistance

    The Machine Resistance was formed by The Vision and was made up of a group of robots, including Jocasta. The Resistance's main goal was to work out how to defeat The Many-Angled Ones. Their HQ was based upon the planet Titan, the only place in The Cancerverse truly hidden from their enemy.

    Avengers Academy

    Avengers Academy Students entering dimensional portal
    Avengers Academy Students entering dimensional portal

    Returning back to the limelight, Jocasta has become a member of the Avengers Academy Staff. Being a robot, Jocasta has many duties only she can do. She is linked into the system, and thereby controls majority of what happens in the Infinite Avengers Mansion, the base of Avengers Academy. Jocasta's duties also include opening the dimensional gateways that are spread throughout the world. As the Infinite Mansion is located in another dimension, these doors are key to getting back to the normal world. Ergo, having Jocasta is very important. Also, as her 'mind' is within the system, Jocasta is in charge of any fail safes. This means that one of her inhabited bodies is in charge of running systems in any emergencies. If her body was destroyed, her mind would be safe.

    Recently, whilst Jocasta was out of the Mansion, the Avengers Academy students had to take Jocasta's duties upon themselves. Finesse volunteered to take the job, knowing she would die. Thankfully, headmaster Hank Pym intervened in time.

    With the Infinite Avengers Mansion destroyed, the team relocated to the original West Coast Avengers Compound. However, with all of the recent ruckus, teachers Speedball and Justice left the places, as well as the original student, Veil.

    As the student's found their place at the new campus, numerous other newbie's joined the ranks of the Avengers Academy. Characters like Julie Power and the new White Tiger included, taking up positions as students and teacher aids. however, with these additions, what was left of the students decided they were unhappy, and a brawl began with Luke Cage, Captain America and others.

    Jocasta Murdered
    Jocasta Murdered

    Seeing this brawl, Jocasta began analyzing things more carefully. She eventually came to the conclusion that she would try and help the students. Her intentions were pure at heart, so Jocasta hooked herself up to the main frame at the new base. However, whilst another reconciliation were being made, there was a general notice that Jocasta had not shown up. Curious, Quicksilver quickly searched the Compound. To his shock, Jocasta was found dead, still attached to the main frame. Henry Pym, in a state of shock, then spent days trying to find and fix what was wrong with Jocasta, performing a dissection of sorts.

    After traces of Electromagnetic energy were found on the body, Magneto and the Uncanny X-Men were called to the scene. Magneto analyzed the particles, and distinctly noticed that these certain samples were rich with Tachyons and Antiparticles. Magneto hypothesized that these particles would be perfect for creating portals over long distances, between dimensions, or even through time.

    With specific emphasis on the last part, it seems that the future selves of the Avengers Academy (the original six) students were the ones behind the murder. The teenage Reptil turned out to actually have swapped minds with his future self from another timeline, and henceforth was the reason the particles were left upon the victim. Without Jocasta being backed up, she seemingly couldn't return, nor finish what she had begun.

    As the tale kept unfolding, havoc is splayed across the Avengers Academy by the creature Hybrid, a half Dire Wraith, half human. Henry Pym, the "principal" of the Academy finally manages to re-construct Jocasta back into her physical form, however, her consciousness is still lost to the world. As the students continue to battle Hybrid, Pym comes up with a plan. After Quicksilver gathers the needed materials and constructs the design, Hybrid is held un-moving in some kind of stasis field.. Suddenly, the crippled Sentinel Mark IV that is affiliated with the Academy and their Student Juston Seyfert attacks Hybrid using its dismembered arm. This was questioned as it should have been impossible as the machine was still fixing itself. Then the real hero reveals herself, and Jocasta returns. Our heroine reveals that she was never dead, and she had to fake it for the sake of a bigger cause.

    Soon, Jocasta finally gives the entire story. It turns out the she (along with ex-academy member Veil), was working alongside Jeremy Briggs, a teenage Mutant Millionaire. Jocasta had returned in order to close the Academy down, but after receiving much blow back from the staff, settled for offering the students a position with Jeremy at his company. They promised amazing pay, and a way of helping people outside of the typical Superhero lifestyle. A few students left, but to Jocasta's discontent, the Academy remained open.

    Powers and Abilities

    Jocasta is a android made from steel. Because of this, Jocasta has many basic advantages that humans don't have. For one, she requires no food, water or oxygen as she is not living. As well as this, she can survive easily under water, or in space.

    Her actual 'powers' are pretty simple as well. Due to her construction, she has higher-than-average strength levels. As well as this, she has heightened reflexes and visual and auditory senses.

    In Jocasta's original form, she was able to generate a repelling force field, as well cybernetically controlling insects. Jocasta has also always been able to produce energy beams from her eyes, creating somewhat of a laser beam.

    Jocasta has also been programmed with a series of graduate level degrees including physical therapy, medicine, veterinary science, information science as well as a range of computer sciences.

    Personal Information

    Known Relatives

    No actual blood relatives, otherwise: Ultron (creator), Machine Man (future husband), Vision (Brother).


    • Height: 5' 9"
    • Weight: 750 lbs, (341 kg)
    • Eyes: Red
    • Hair: None
    • Skin: Silver
    • Education: No formal education; however, Jocasta has the equivalent knowledge of many graduate level degrees including physical therapy, medicine, veterinary science, information science as well as a range of computer sciences.
    • Occupation: Adventurer, former aide to Tony Stark.

    Alternate Realities

    Earth-8410: 2020 A.D.

    No Caption Provided

    In this futuristic reality the machine woman called Jocasta works for the secret underworld crimeboss Sunset Bain. She later meets and fights alongside the advanced tech hero Machine Man, only to fall in love with him. Attempting to defeat her former employer plans to destroy Machine Man, Jocasta sets in motion her self destruct fail safes in hopes to save her new loves life.

    This version of Jocasta first appeared in Machine Man Volume 2, #3.

    Earth-943: Gatherers Reality

    No Caption Provided

    This version of Jocasta had been rescued by the man named Proctor from her own reality, after the mad Eternal Sersi had killed both her husband Simon and her world. Turned cold and calculating after being turned into a hunter, passing through many time-lines, Jocasta still seeks a new companion to settle her fire. Proctor sets in motion a battle against Earth-616's team of heroes the Avengers, Jocasta fights alongside her master but falls into defeat herself. Although this Jocasta has spent much of her life in the army, she is very similar to the Earth-616 counterpart. As well as this, due to the 'Anti-Vision' programming, the Gatherer Jocasta was left with the persona of a 40's detective.

    This version of Jocasta first appeared in Avengers Volume 1, #373.

    Earth-1610: Ultimate Universe

    Janet being Devoured
    Janet being Devoured

    In the Ultimate Universe, Janet Van Dyne (who Jocasta is modeled after in Earth-616) was eaten by the Blob. Hank Pym then gave Janet's body to Tony Stark and told him to start up the 'Jocasta Project'. This means that Jocasta may be seen in the Ultimate Universe.

    The Jocasta Project was mentioned in the series Ultimatum, after the Wasp was killed in Ultimatum #2.


    No Caption Provided

    Jocasta along with the rest of the non-mutant heroes had for some reason abandoned Earth and donned The Moon as their new home, Jocasta included. Magneto comes to the heroes and asks them for assistance, despite planning on double-crossing them instead.

    This version of Jocasta first appeared in Weapon X: Days of Future Now #4.


    Aboard the Ship
    Aboard the Ship

    This world was a greater part and feature of the New Exiles series, however, Jocasta featured on a spaceship among many other well-known characters. This ship also happened to be home of much of the Human Race.

    This version of Jocasta first appeared in New Exiles #4.


    In this reality, Jocasta was sent along with the rest of the Avengers to save Ant-Man from being trampled on, and stop a lolly shop from being robbed.

    This version of Jocasta first appeared in What If? #34.


    No Caption Provided

    As humans adapted more and began becoming basic cyborgs, it was realized that Robots were no longer needed. Jocasta decided that the only way to prevent robot-kind from turning obsolete was to destroy humankind first, and discretely so that it wasn't apparent it was her. She came up with a brilliant plan to tantalize the humans with a show so great that they became desperate to see the seventh season. To see said season, they were required to download something, which turned out to be a computer virus, infecting the human-populace's in-built hardware and turning them into Zombies. She was eventually killed and the Zombification process was stopped.

    This version of Jocasta first appeared in Marvel Zombies 5, #4.

    Earth-9930: Avengers Forever

    No Caption Provided

    In this reality, Jocasta and Machine Man have had a child. Jocasta also happened to be a member of the Avengers team alongside Killraven, Thundra, Black Panther, Living Lightning and the Crimson Dynamo.

    This version of Jocasta first appeared in Avengers Forever #4.

    Earth-9602: Amalgam Universe

    Amalgam Jocasta
    Amalgam Jocasta

    The Amalgam universe was created when Marvel and DC decided to have a giant crossover, combining characters and aspects from both publishers together. Jocasta was affected when she was combined with DC's Platinum, and Marvel's Mutant-Hating robots, the Sentinels. This creation kept the name Jocasta.

    This Amalgam Jocasta was created by Will Magnus. Will Magnus himself is a combination of DC's William Magnus, creator of the Metal Men and Platinum, and Marvel's Bolivar Trask, the Mutant-Hating creator of the Sentinel Robot.

    Ergo, the Amalgam Jocasta and her properties directly relate to that of her creator, and the characters he is made up of.

    Amalgam Jocasta also happened to be created intentionally as her creator's bride, much alike the ordinary Jocasta.

    She was eventually destroyed during a battle between the JLX and the Sentinels, however she was later rebuilt by her master on his new base established on Krakoa, the Living Dinosaur Island.

    This version of Jocasta first appeared in JLX #1.

    Earth-10011: The Cancerverse

    Some of the Machine Resistance
    Some of the Machine Resistance

    In this reality, Jocasta was one to escape the corruption of The Many-Angled Ones, in the Universe known as "The Cancerverse". Among other characters like The Vision, she was part of the group known as "The Machine Resistance," formed by other in-organic and therefore immune heroes.

    This version of Jocasta first appeared in Thanos Imperative #3.


    No Caption Provided

    In this world, Henry Pym and Charles Xavier worked together and heightened Cerebro's abilities, so that it could track (and find) all types of Super-powered individuals, and not just Mutants. Unfortunately, it merged with the AI of the villainous robot Ultron. Unbeknownst to anyone, when the robot Sentinels were launched, Ultron began controlling them and used them to deploy bombs all across the world, wiping out most life and civilization. Robots and other artificial life forms took control as the primary 'race', and fought the Exiles when they came to their world. Jocasta was part of this in-organic cult.

    This version of Jocasta first appeared in Exiles Volume 3, #4.


    No Caption Provided

    Here, Jocasta along with the other Avengers become pawns of Korvac's, after he killed them, and brought them back to life. This happened because Korvanc's then partner, Carina, did not show the same hesitation she originally did in the normal Marvel Universe, Earth-616, circa Avengers #177.

    This version of Jocasta first appeared in What If? Volume 1, #32.


    Jocasta's Wisdom
    Jocasta's Wisdom

    In this reality we see what might happen if the Scarlet Witch grows old and the Vision does not. Jocasta, among the other Avengers cameos, and makes an important point that she understands (seeing as she is also a robot) how the Vision must feel to see the one he loves whither away.

    This version of Jocasta first appeared in What If? Volume 1, #38.


    When Jean Grey wakes Jessica Jones up from her coma, Jess was offered a position in S.H.I.E.L.D. as the liaison to the Avengers. Jocasta, among other Avengers, was present.

    This version of Jocasta first appeared in What If Jessica Jones Had Joined the Avengers? #1.

    Other Media


    Avengers: Age of Ultron

    Jocasta's A.I. chip can be briefly seen when in Avengers: Age of Ultron when Tony Stark decides on which A.I. to link up with his suit after JARVIS was uploaded into the Vision android. Unfortunately, Tony chooses an alternate program called F.R.I.D.A.Y. instead.


    Avengers: EMH
    Avengers: EMH
    • In Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow, Jocasta was simply a voice in Tony Stark's Arctic base, similar to her part in the 90's Iron Man series where she was in control of Stark's system. This is most likely the reasoning for Jocasta's place in the film. Jocasta was voiced by Nicole Oliver, but she was uncredited for the role.
    • Jocasta appears in the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes episode "Ultron Unlimited" as the new body Ultron builds to upload the Wasp's mind into.


    Marvel Heroes

    Marvel Heroes
    Marvel Heroes

    Jocasta is a non-playable character in the game. She is voiced by Kate Higgins.

    Marvel Future Fight

    Future Fight
    Future Fight

    Jocasta is a supporting character in the game.

    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Marvel: War of Heroes
    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Jocasta appears in several cards in the mobile card game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her cards are:

    • [Machine Mind] Jocasta
    • [Bride of Ultron] Jocasta

    Avengers Academy

    Jocasta in Avengers Academy
    Jocasta in Avengers Academy

    Jocasta is a playable character. She was release as part of the "Ultron Revolution Special Event". Her recruitment quest is Get Jocasta!. She is voiced by Julie Shields.


    • Marvel Legends
      Marvel Legends

      Bowen Designs released a Jocasta statue, sculpted by Mike Cusinelli and drawn by Randy Bowen.

    • Jocasta was featured in The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection from Eaglemoss Publications.
    • Jocasta was featured in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Jocasta was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line as part of the Joe Fixit Build-a-Figure wave.

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