Job Burke

    Character » Job Burke appears in 8 issues.

    Job Burke is a son to Theodore Sallis (Man-Thing) and Ellen Brandt. He was born following the seperation of his parents and given for adoption. His adoptive parents are Jack and Gwyneth Burke.

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    Brief History

    Job was born a Man of Lineage. According to the tale, an ancient Creator being created all existence (the universe) and the Fallen Stars (Gods) in the distant past, giving form to its dreams. The Goddess Cleito created a mortal spouse for herself, Adam K'Ad-Mon. Adam, the first man, was entrusted with a duty:to maintain the illusion that is reality. Only he would know the truth. In each generation one descendant of Adam would inherit said task. Without said descendant, the dream would end and reality would become a fading memory.  
    The main plot in "Man-Thing" vol. 3 and "Strange Tales" vol. 4 concerned Mr. Termineus efforts to kill Job and end the dream. Job has the subconscious power to manipulate the fabric or reality and restore it when it is damaged.

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