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    Joaquin Pennysworth is the current Nighthawk and leads his own team of Defenders independent from the main team. A former SHIELD agent, Pennysworth took up the Nighthawk mantle when Kyle Richmond was forced to retire.

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    Current Events

    Joaquin reappeared alongside his and Kyle Richmond's Defenders team in Vengeance as they investigated a government conspiracy involving a new Teen Brigade, the Young Masters of Evil and demons called the Brotherhood. However, during Fear Itself, Kyle Richmond resumed his heroic persona as Nighthawk, what this means for Joaquin's superhero career is yet to be seen.


    Joaquin was the son of J.C. Pennysworth, who had worked for Kyle Richmond, the Defender known as Nighthawk. Behind Richmond's back, J.C. had been embezzling funds and leading the terror group the Sons of the Serpent. Trying to make amends for the sins of his father, Joaquin joined SHIELD years later. When Tony Stark forced Kyle Richmond to retire as Nighthawk following the Superhuman Civil War, Joaquin took up the Nighthawk identity and helped lead Richmond's team of Defenders.


    Joaquin Pennysworth was created by Joe Casey and first appeared in The Last Defenders #1 in 2006.

    Character Evolution

    Although originally an ordinary SHIELD agent, after training to become the new Nighthawk under guidance from the original Nighthawk, Joaquin joined together with a team of Defenders comprising of She-Hulk, Krang and Daimon Hellstrom. Pennysworth has became a superhero and the leader of the Defenders in his own right. However, his team-mates can't quite muster the strength to actually call him "Nighthawk".

    Major Story Arcs

    The Initiative

    Joaquin was first seen leading a SHIELD team in a raid on a hideout belong to the Sons of the Serpent where they discovered a Madbomb. Managing to contain the maddening effects of the bomb, Joaquin was soon joined by the Initiative's Defenders team, led by his father's former employer Nighthawk, whom helped him finish his mission.

    Joaquin leads the Defenders
    Joaquin leads the Defenders

    Later, after an unsanctioned mission with the a new team of Defenders consisting of mercenaries, Kyle Richmond was heavily disciplined by Initiative boss Tony Stark who not only fired him and disbanded the team but also made it illegal for Richmond to continue to act as the superhero Nighthawk.

    Soon after, Yandroth returned and sought to convince Richmond of the value of the Defenders by orchestrating and manipulated events via time travel to ensure that a new team would form consisting of Daimon Hellstrom, She-Hulk, Krang and a new Nighthawk. The team would represent the ideal Defenders roster with every team-mate matching the qualities of the original Defenders (a mystic sorcerer, a muscular grean giant, a sea dweller and a strong leader). Yandroth succeeded in convincing Richmond when the future team travelled back in time and saved him from a likewise time-travelling Squadron Sinister.

    Richmond noted that he was not the Nighthawk among the team and it was in fact the SHIELD agent Joaquin Pennysworth. He then recruited the team and outfitted Joaquin with a new costume and insisted on training him to be the new Nighthawk. Richmond then bought the rights to the Defenders name, acting as financier and manager, helped operate the Defenders team outside of the Initiative.

    As the new Nighthawk and leader of the new team, Joaquin's time with team was initially short-lived. When Norman Osborn rose to power following the Secret Invasion, through HAMMER, he forced the team to disband. Not long afterwards, Hellstrom joined a reformed Midnight Sons.


    Joaquin Pennysworth returned, alongside Richmond and their Defenders team of Krang, She-Hulk and Hellstrom. They were investigating a Government conspiracy involving the Teen Brigade, the Young Masters, Demons known as the Brotherhood and an ex-SHIELD agent who had been leaking top secret information.

    Fear Itself

    During Fear Itself, Kyle Richmond resumed his career as Nighthawk and in a passing comment he oddly mentioned how Joaquin "stole" his identity (Richmond offered him it). What this means for Joaquin Pennysworth is yet to be seen.

    Powers and Abilities

    With SHIELD training, Joaquin Pennysworth is skilled in unarmed combat, stealth and marksmanship. With further training from Nighthawk, and his Nighthawk costume, he has a jet-powered wing system enabling him to possess minor flight ability. While inexperienced as Nighthawk, Joaquin poses courage and determination that make him a good team player.

    Equipment and Weapons

    Joaquin wears a Nighthawk costume designed by Kyle Richmond. It appears similar to Kyle's Nighthawk costume in all but color scheme. At times it appears to act more like a suit of armor rather than just a costume. It also has a built-in jet-powered wing system that enables Joaquin to travel via air.


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