Joanie Jordan

    Character » Joanie Jordan appears in 8 issues.

    The Catwoman in the DC Universe as imagined by Stan Lee.

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    Model Joanie Jordan was living in Los Angeles with her black cat Ebony, loving the money her job provided but longing for something more. When her modeling agency scheduled Joanie for a photo shoot for a large bank, the potential security breach attracted the attention of a group of criminals working for the Flesh Crawler. Their plan was to kidnap Joanie in her home, force her to introduce them as her assistants at the bank's photo session, then kill everyone inside and rob the bank.

    Several armed men broke into her apartment, and overhearing the 'kill everyone' part of the plan, Joanie tried to fight off the criminals in her apartment. She was losing the fight when a lightning strike from a severe thunderstorm cut electricity and killed the lights. Joanie ran to her window to escape only to be struck by a green lightning bolt. Her cat Ebony ran to Joanie and the green electricity sparked from Joanie to her cat. The strange energy instantly linked Joanie to Ebony and gave her cat-like superpowers, and she used her new powers (and nine-inch retractable talons) to dispatch the criminals in her apartment.

    Joanie was excited by her new cat-abilities, and she quickly created a costume and an identity for herself. As Catwoman, she leaped across the rooftops of LA for fun, and found herself using her powers to save several people during a major fire. Catwoman also kept clashing with the Flesh Crawler and his men until she defeated them all and left the Flesh Crawler for the police to arrest. Later, her attempts to stop an evil cult would result with her joining the Justice League of her universe.

    Joanie hoped to share her secret with her father, a retired police detective who had always wished that his daughter had been a police officer rather than a model. However, her father was quite angry toward Catwoman, deeming her a dangerous vigilante, and Joanie decided to keep her identity and powers a secret.


    As Catwoman, Joanie has superhuman agility, enhanced speed, and night-vision. She can sprout nine-inch long claws from her fingernails that can cut through concrete easily and allows her attack enemies or scale walls. She shares an empathic link with her cat Ebony


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