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Current Events 

Elle and Jo talk for the first time since the accident though not how they planned.
Elle and Jo talk for the first time since the accident though not how they planned.
Jo has succeeded in making contact with Elle as she is presently inhabiting the body of Katie, a young girl that is also comatose.  Due to the confusion the young girl's body is sedated while the others try to sort out the confusion.  As the police arrive instead of restraining Jo, they desire to talk to Katie's parents, as they suspect them of some foul play in their daughter's predicament.  Jo waits around the hospital for Katie to wake up and has some secrets revealed to her in the meantime.  At one point she returns to Katie and finds Dane's manipulative father standing over her, not having done anything yet eerily watching her.  Jo attacks him and puts him in an arm lock before he is led away.  Once Katie wakes up she confirms that Elle is still possessing her, and she seems to be afraid of a hooded individual in the hallway.  She demands that Jo take her to the scene of the crime so that she can learn what has occurred.  Jo agrees and smuggles her out into a waiting taxi.  As they start to drive off Katie starts to go into shock as both she and Elle develop severe nosebleeds.    


Little is known of her other than she is a long time friend of Elle Peterson.  She is one of the few that believes Dane's story about his innocence.   


Her first appearance was in the prelude issue to Mind the Gap.   

Character Evolution 

Although originally an underutilized background character, she has taken over a role more central to the series, even at times acting as the main character is certain issues.   

Major Story Arcs

She has thus far been a background character in both of the story arcs of Wish You Were Here and Intimate Strangers.  As the series has progressed, she has taken on a more prominent role.   

Powers and Abilities 

She is a regular human with no special abilities.  She is shown to be perhaps streetwise as she can manhandle a grown man into submission.

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