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Epoch, the Lord of Time, with stolen 41st Century weapons and armor, leads the JLA on a chase across time and space, stranding them in Earth's past. The Leaguers attempt to fix their damaged time-cube in hopes of preventing the impending conquest of the Earth, but instead find themselves in the Wildstorm Universe, face-to-face with the WildC.A.T.S..


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Muscle and Claws. 0

A predictable hero cross-over book which showcases a pre-Y2K Superman with blue energy powers for the unfamiliar. The JLA battle a time-travelling criminal, Lord Epoch, which leads to a 4th dimensional battle in their reality to keep him from killing off the heroes. This leads to a dimensional rift to the WildC.A.T.S. reality and them fighting each other, then the respected "arch-foe" in this predictable one-shot. Still, the Batman vs. Grifter fight aside with Wonder Woman vs. Zealot batt...

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