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Batman prepares to invade Titan's island to free the Titans much to Orion's disappointment. He's furious, feeling the Dark Knight is putting the whole world at risk to rescue children. Raven and Beast Boy explain how Vic has come to this point, as Dick and Wally begin freeing all of the captive Titans. Above, J'onn links with Flash's mind, as Superman destroys the force field imprisoning them below.

Orion and Barda then attempt to destroy the power source, despite Gar's pleas it would destroy Vic's soul. Superman declares that Vic is little more then a program. Flash sides with his Titan's teammates to prevent that destruction. The battle between the Titans and JLA starts with Risk attacking Orion. Tempest blasts Aquaman. With the two teams engaged, Nightwing tries to reason with Batman. Cyborg sends pods to collect former Titans allies, to aid in the fight. Batman then agrees to give Nightwing a chance to reach Vic. The Caped Crusader stops the conflict between the two teams.



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The Epic Continues! 0

Devin Grayson and Phil Jimenez have crafted a masterpiece. This is an epic story. Batman has gathered the League on Titans Island to free them. The shocking reveal at the end of the first issue is that Victor Stone, Cyborg has become more machine than man; with one driving force: rebuild his family.Collect Titans.Think V'ger from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Victor begins assimilating the Moon and the Justice League Watchtower above, and collecting every Titan down below on Titans Island.Raven...

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