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The book begins with the two leaders of the Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America, Superman and Alan Scott, respectively. They're floating in space looking down upon the Earth. The two great heroes remark that they wish everyone could see this view. It provides perspective. The scene goes on to the Justice League of America's Watchtower, where the two superhero teams are having Thanksgiving dinner. Right, when Alan Scott suggests they should head in the Watchtower to join everyone, Superman picks up a disturbance in Tanzania, it appears to be soldiers fighting. Martian Manhunter then telepathically relays to Superman that his help is needed. The duo darts towards Africa. On the ground, the disturbance turns out to be Vixen is trying to protect President Luthor from an invading Dr. Bedlam. Superman and Alan Scott make short work of him, as the remaining members of the two teams arrive. As Captain Marvel snatches Dr. Bedlam, the villain starts to dematerialize. J'onn affirms that Dr. Bedlam was nothing more than psychic force. J'onn then notices there are huge tunnels dug out beneath them. They investigate the tunnels and realize Bedlam's constructs are arriving. The heroes take care of them quickly. Back at the Justice Society of America Headquarters, the teams question the attack. They affirm that it didn't make sense, as Luthor erected a non-aggression pact with Apokolips and even if it was Apokolips, why would they send a scrub like Bedlam? J'onn states that the attack had to of had more to it; his telepathy was fogged for the entire fight like something was trying to prevent him from reading thoughts. Everybody leaves the case at hand for now.

A couple of members begin to admire the rich history of the Justice Society of America and all of its past heroes. Kyle Rayner then walks over and remarks how "lame" their costumes were. Another group of members then get to the reason they met: to foster better relations and teamwork between the teams. Batman then states that he is not impressed with the Justice Society's security, as it has been broken into several times before. Mr. Terrific then fires back at Batman by stating that the Justice League's Watchtower has had a worse record than that. Hawkman then breaks up the argument, only to have Batman and Mr. Terrific punch him through a wall. As Wonder Woman restrains Mr. Terrific, Kyle Rayner blasts her with his ring. After a confrontation with Alan Scott, Kyle blasts the headquarters to pieces. J'onn goes into convulsions, a result of a psychic attack. Superman rushes to aid him, but not before Power Girl plants a kiss on his lips. Superman is utterly confused, as Captain Marvel knocks him down and then precedes to revert Black Adam to his human form with his lightning. An all-out brawl breaks out, with Plastic Man and Dr. Fate also turning against their allies. The heroes attempt to escape, only for Dr. Fate to send Superman, Star-Spangled Kid, Wonder Woman and Alan Scott to his tower and for Mr. Terrific to teleport Hawkman, Jay Garrick, Wally West and the Atom to Limbo, where a fire giant awaits to fight them.

Riots break out across the globe, prisons unleash their prisoners, mass robbing of banks occurs, violence erupts, all instigated by the turncoats of the Justice League and Justice Society, all while Dr. Mid-Nite attempts to nurse back to health the remaining members at the Watchtower. J'onn telepathically calls in for backup and before he faints, gives a warning to "watch Luthor." Dr. Mid-Nite, along with Firestorm, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Sand and Hourman, try to decipher what it going on and who planned this worldwide attack. Before they can come to a conclusion, Captain Atom reports that the Rock of Eternity has risen over Mount Rushmore and he is currently going to investigate. To his surprise, a shadowy figure walks out of the dust and incapacitates him. Luthor then makes a public announcement for everyone to be calm and also that he has declared a state of martial law. The team at the Watchtower then decides to send Zatanna, Firestorm, Hourman and Sand to investigate the Rock of Eternity while Black Canary, Green Arrow and Dr. Mid-Nite decide to go to the White House. The scene then changes to Doctor Fate's Tower, where the members there are now in a battle of Typhon, the Lord of Chaos, with no hope to escape. Then to Limbo, where the members there are engaged in a never-ending battle with Surtur, the result of Ragnorak. Luthor, in his office, looks on the television screens as riots continue to permeate all across the globe, with the evil members provoking the outbreaks. Luthor states that he is pleased and turns around to congratulate those very members, Batman, Kyle Raynor, Power Girl, Plastic Man, Captain Marvel, Doctor Fate and Mr. Terrific. Zatanna and her team arrive at the Rock of Eternity and enter to discover that the Seven Deadly Sins once housed inside have entered the bodies of their teammates, resulting in their change in behaviour. They once discover the wizard, Shazam, has been turned to stone. They are in disbelief. A voice comes from behind them, Johnny Sorrow. He remarks that he promised to bring the world to its knees, and now he has. Sorrow then unleashes his debilitating glare upon them. Meanwhile, the other team successfully breaks into the White House thanks to knock-out scream by Black Canary. To their surprise, the scream didn't knock out Luthor. They approach him, but he starts transforming, changing to a purplish color and increasing in muscle and size. This confirms Canary's suspicions. The psychic attacks and possessions had to be a result of Despero. Despero greets them and affirms he is going to win this.

Superman and the members with him finally manage to defeat Typhon and his army. Thanks to Alan Scott, using the ring as a guide to their teammates, they teleport out of the tower and to their dismay, arrive in Limbo. In front of the team at the White House Despero reveals his plan, while Johnny Sorrow does for the team at the Rock of Eternity. After Despero's initial defeat at the hands of the Justice League, he swore revenge. Now that his homeworld had exiled him, he ventured and evolved his physical form, since he already had mental talents. When Despero's physical body was destroyed by the Justice League, his incorporeal form roamed the Abyssal Plaine, a dimension nestled between the cracks of reality. There he stumbled upon Johnny Sorrow. With their mutual hatred of Earth's heroes, Despero against the Justice League and Johnny Sorrow against the Justice Society, they formed a pact. First, Despero took control of Dr. Bedlam and used him as a vessel to get close to Luthor, and thereby giving Despero a chance to possess him. Johnny Sorrow then went to the Rock of Eternity and unleashed the Seven Deadly Sins upon certain members of the two superhero teams. Despero and Johnny Sorrow used this as a distraction and to spread chaos throughout the world. In all the confusion and distress, they would enact their revenge and finish the Justice League and Justice Society. After revealing the plan, Johnny Sorrow then attempts to deal with the team at the Rock of Eternity. Firestorm then transmutes his mask into tar, therefore preventing Sorrow from using his paralyzing gaze. Back in Limbo, with the two stranded teams reunited, Atom formulates a plan to get them out of there. Since Surtur is basically a walking nuclear reaction, Wally and Jay will infuse all their kinetic energy into him and speed up his life cycle. Ultimately he will turn supernova and become a black hole. Using the black hole as a conduit, Alan Scott will wish them back home. They arrive at the Justice Society's headquarters to witness a world in ruin. Zatanna transports her team to Black Canary and her team's location, just in time for all of the remaining members to arrive. Every one is back together at the White House. The sinful members arrive as well to dispose of our heroes. A vicious battle ensues. Dr. Mid-Nite eventually gets the bets of Batman and frees Bruce from the Anger sin. Batman informs everyone that Captain Marvel is the key. With this information, Green Arrow uses Wonder Woman's Golden Lasso to tie up Captain Marvel. Ollie asks him where he got his powers from and Marvel replies with, "Shazam!" This frees the Gluttony sin from Marvel and also revitalizes Shazam, as he was turned to stone by Sorrow. Shazam then goes on to chain up the remaining sins at large once again. With Despero's and Sorrow's strike force out of commission, they have to take matters into their own hands.

All of the physically heavy hitters fight Despero while all of the magic and energy users tackle Sorrow. The villains have the upper hand until Batman and Mr. Terrific come up with a plan. When Sorrow unleashes his gaze, Alan Scott and Kyle Raynor use their rings to snatch his mask, therefore making Sorrow tangible. Then they encase him in a construct. Hourman senses that Captain Atom will arrive from a quantum jump, triggered by Sorrow's gaze. With the Flashes used as bait, they lead Despero right into the destructive wake of Captain Atom's arrival. Sand, with his geo-morph abilities, uses the Rock of Eternity as a battering ram and slams Despero. He catches it, leaving him vulnerable, however, to the glare of Johnny Sorrow released upon him by the two Green Lanterns. This defeats Despero and also exorcises Despero from Luthor. With Luthor's eternal gratitude, the Justice Society request for him to build a new headquarters for them. After the world is saved, yet again, the two teams are celebrating. The book ends with a shot of Superman and Alan Scott at their post in space. It's all about perspective.


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"In one Word: Terrific" 0

Team ups and crossovers usually fall in the common ground of cliches, a group of heroes fighting one and other and then getting together to defeat the enemy, inter dimensional meetings and on and on. This issue has a little of this cliches, but the final outcome is worth to pick it up. The Story- The JLA and JSA are on a reunion in JLA Watch Tower to discuss how they can work things out more eficiently, to protect and serve Earth (and it´s Thanks Giving day too). It´s very nice to see a bunch o...

13 out of 13 found this review helpful.

Virtue > Vice 0

The Story:The JLA and JSA have come together for a shindig but shortly after the festivities begin, a strange occurrence in Africa forces the heroes to investigate. A sinister conspiracy begins as certain members of the two teams have been taken over for the culprits bidding while others have been banished to unholy realms. Now it's up to a select few members of the JLA/JSA to find out what's happened and free their teammates from the clutches of evil.  My Thoughts: Two of DC Comics most prestig...

2 out of 2 found this review helpful.
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