JLA/Avengers #4

    JLA/Avengers » JLA/Avengers #4 - The Brave... and the Bold released by Marvel on December 2003.

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    Celebrate the finale of the biggest crossover in comics history! The World's Greatest team-up of Earths' Mightiest Heroes climaxes with the fate of both universes hanging in the balance! This one is crammed full of everything you read comics for. Don't miss it!

    Plot Summary

    The final smackdown between every Avenger and League member ever vs. Krona -- for the existence of both universes!

    Krona - Ruthless, immortal, he seeks the secret of creation. A glimpse of the formation of his own universe, of stars swirling in a cosmic hand, has set him on a quest to learn the truth at any cost. Cast from his home reality, he wanders the multiverse, destroying realities in his desire to see what gives them birth.

    In time, he encounters the Grandmaster, who seeks to preserve his reality by challenging Krona to a game. Tempted by the prize - the secrets of Galactus, a being who lived through the big bang - Krona agrees. The game is played out by the Avengers and the Justice League, the champions of two universes.

    But the game is a feint, a ruse that allows the Grandmaster to assemble twelve artifacts of great power. When Krona loses, he attacks the Grandmaster and begins to seize his prize. But the Grandmaster uses the artifacts to bring the two universes together, trapping Krona between them.

    Krona is trapped - but not helpless. Now he has the artifacts - and he uses them to force the universes closer together, beginning to merge them into one.

    The effect is cataclysmic. The realities are incompatible. Reality begins to warp unpredictably. Upheavals threaten to destroy both.

    The JLA and the Avengers, their memories changing as reality does, discover the truth and stave off disaster temporarily. They make their way to the Grandmaster, finding him wounded, weak.

    They learn what their realities were - what they should be. And they're shocked by their true history, which holds not only heroism and triumph, but death, madness, and loss. Hardest hit are Yellowjacket and the Wasp, who see their marriage fail, the Flash and Green Lantern, who see themselves die, and the Vision and Scarlet witch, who see children torn from them, lost forever.

    Still, they choose to fight. To restore the truth. They'll have to do it without the Grandmaster, though. The Grandmaster is dead.



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