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The most eagerly awaited story in comics' history continues! Featuring EVERY character who has ever been a member of both teams. Can you successfully identify every character featured, The Avengers and the JLA have confronted their foemen - now it's time to party! But as echoes of the past intrude on the present, something is terrifyingly wrong.

Plot Summary

A powerful and dangerous hunter stalks reality.

Krona, immortal scientist and renegade, seeks to learn the truth of all creation. His investigations, however, tear apart the fabric of the universes, destroying them. Cast out of his home reality, he wanders the multiverse, leaving destruction in his path.

In one universe, he encounters the grandmaster, a cosmic game-player with enough power to check him, if only temporarily. The grandmaster tells Krona he knows of a being that lived through the creation of his universe and knows what came before - Galactus, devourer of worlds. Krona agrees to play a game. If he wins, Galactus's knowledge will be his - even if his quest destroys the Grandmaster's universe. If he loses, he will leave in peace.

The Grandmaster, working with Metron of the New Gods, manipulates the champion of two worlds - the Avengers, from his own reality, and the JLA, from Krona's reality - into a race to recover twelve items of cosmic power. Krona swaps champions, however, so the Avengers fight for him, while the JLA fight for the Grandmaster.

During the competition, each team sees the other's world, and members - notably Superman and captain America - react badly. Superman sees the Avengers' world as a sorry shambles where the heroes don't try hard enough. Captain America sees the JLA's world as a totalitarian state where super-human's rule.

In addition, Batman convinces Captain America to break away from the competition and seek the truth behind it. They discover the existence of the game, and the stakes.

Between them, they arrange for the JLA to win, safeguarding the Avengers' universe. But Krona lashes out, attacking the Grandmaster, summoning Galactus and beginning to wrest his secrets from him.

It's then that the Grandmaster reveals his true purpose - the game was just a feint, to assemble the items of power under Krona's nose. Tapping into them, he unleashes their power and everything changes.

After racing to collect the items of power that were promised could save their worlds, the JLA and Avengers are shocked when Krona, losing his game with the Grandmaster, attempts to force the secrets he seeks from Galactus. The Grandmaster reveals his treachery, and steals the items of power. Reality has become warped, and the two teams must work together to fix it.

George Perez injured his hand on the cover to this issue.



none of this issue.

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