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A Different JLA

The Story: 

The JLA must contend with Lex Luthor's newly formed Injustice Gang and stop Darkseid from ending the world. A new villain by the name of Prometheus appears and picks apart the JLA one member at a time.  

My Thoughts:

This deluxe hardcover is part of Grant Morrison's run on the JLA series. It contains the two story arcs "Rock Of Ages" and "Strength In Numbers" as well as the Prometheus one-shot and the JLA/Wild Cats issue. With me jumping in right here instead of at the beginning, I wasn't sure why a few things were the way they were, such as Superman being blue. I wasn't much of a fan of his appearance. I prefer the classic red and blue look that millions of people are accustomed to. The Wonder Woman on the team was Hippolyta instead of Diana. Again I'm not sure why but I just rolled with it. 

The story starts off pretty good but does lose it's flare shortly afterwards. The reason I lost interest a little was due to the whole alternate universe fiasco taking place. I'm not a big fan of that at all. It usually tends to bore me. It had a few bright moments but overall it felt as if it dragged on for far too long.

The second story arc was far more entertaining for me. We see the origin of Prometheus and find out what fuels his motives. I thought he was a pretty awesome villain and I especially love the way Morrison wrote his character. This is how villainy should be written. The way he entered the JLA headquarters and picked their team off one member at a time was epic. The tactical strategy he used will certainly make him a formidable foe in the future. 

I'm not familiar with the Wild Cats at all, not having had the opportunity to read any of their series yet. That could be why I didn't enjoy the issue involving them. Another part of the comic I felt dragged on a little too long.

The art is drawn by Howard Porter who does a pretty good job. The amount of detail in the backgrounds was nicely done. The coloring style reminds me of the Invincible series from Image Comics. Overall the art does still hold up in this day and time. 

If you're jumping in to the series right here instead of starting at the beginning, a few things could be a little confusing. If you just accept them and continue reading, you're in for a pretty exciting ride. This deluxe hardcover will make a fine addition to any comic readers collection. 

Rating: 3.5/5

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