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    From writers Grant Morrison (52, BATMAN) and Mark Millar (Marvels Ultimates and Civil War) comes Aztek, a visionary hero from the 1990s. Avatar and champioin of Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec god of light, Aztek is the culmination of the labors of countless generations of preparation for the inevitable battle between the forces of light and darkness a battle destined to take place on Earth. Trained since birth and elevated to the peak of human mental and physical potential, Aztek possesses an unshakable belief in his mission to serve humanity, to uphold justice, and to fight the coming darkness.As Aztek begins his mission by fighting the forces of evil in his hometown of Vanity City, he meets costumed characters including Green Lantern and The Joker.

    Back Blurb

    Killing Time in Suicide Central

    Welcome to a town called vanity. It's the most depressing city in America because it breeds some of the most contemptible villains imaginable... villains you might not have heard of yet... but you will. Soon!

    But a ray of hope now shines on this most sinful of cities.

    His name is Aztek, the Ultimate Man!

    Trained from birth, he is the pinnacle of human perfection, his unique armor giving him powers and abilities far greater than most of Earth's heroes. Like all those who came before him, his life has been dedicated to guarding against a great and ancient evil bent on the destruction of humankind. Like his predecessors, Aztek does not know when evil will strike... only that he must be ready when it does.

    And as the Ultimate Man waits -- poised for the big danger -- he becomes a shiny target for the obscure offenders of virtue trying to make a name for themselves in Vanity. Can the novice hero survive long enough to one day face his destiny? Or will Vanity prove to be the hero's downfall?


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