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The earth-shaking conclusion to the 3-part story of the World's Greatest Super-Heroes by writer Grant Morrison and artists Ed McGuinness and Dexter Vines (SUPERMAN/BATMAN)! This action-packed issue finds the JLA — and they literally are found! — just in time to aid the Ultra-Marines in the mother of all battles versus Gorilla Grodd's guerilla warriors!

The JLA battles the rampaging Ultramarine Corps. Grodd roasts Batman over a spit, monologuing his plans for world domination. WIth the unseen help of Warkmaker One's disembodied pilot, Scott Sawyer, Batman escapes and incapacitates Grodd with a few well placed batarang. Knight and Jack O'Lantern approach menacingly, still under mind control. WIth Squire's help, Knight overcomes the influence and breaks free.

Superman and Nebula Man battle, with Superman drawing the upper hand. Aquaman secures Superbia.

The Jet Apes (and presumably Grodd) are sentenced by the international community to Phantom Zone imprisonment.

The Ultramarines are sent to safeguard the infant universe of Qwewq. The Sheeda leave to be seen again in Seven Soldiers of Victory.


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