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Grant Morrison, the groundbreaking writer who helped relaunch the JLA nearly a decade ago, returns to the World's Greatest Heroes for the first story arc of JLA: CLASSIFIED! This new series tells extraordinary tales featuring Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and all your favorite super-heroes written and illustrated by rotating teams of comics' top talent!In the first part of a 3-part story that launches this landmark series, featuring art by the fan- favorite SUPERMAN/BATMAN team of Ed McGuinness and Dexter Vines, the Ultra-Marines take the brunt of an assault by Gorilla Grodd's guerrilla-militia. But where's the JLA? Only Batman remains to sort out this mystery!

The City of Kinshasa is attached by terrorists, the JLA is nowhere to be found, and the Ultramarine Corps charges in to the rescue.

Jack O'Lantern discovers a cube, apparently filled with stars. The Knight and Warmaker take point, reconnoitering the area. Knight's Squire monitors the mission remotely.

The Knight encounters the leader of the terrorists - Gorilla Grodd. Grodd has killed democratic President M'Buzi. Grodd has captured Jack O'Lantern, and plans to eat his enemies. The Knight deploys a new weapon against Grodd - a microwave gun capable of rendering Grodd vulnerable. The Knight drives off with Jack in tow.

As the Knight drives his motorcycle off the roof, he asks The Master for assistance. The Master "rewrites reality" and makes the bike weigh less than a soap bubble until it can land.

Goraiko takes down Grodd. Squire notes that some emissions match with an old JLA enemy called the Nebula Man. Warmaker One and the Master find the star-filled box, and the Master notes it is intelligent.

Grodd overpowers the mind of Goraiko and reveals his plan: by burning Kinshasa, its light would attract the Ultramarines' headquarters, the floating city of Superbia. Using a massive EMP detonation by causing Goraiko's heart to skip a beat, Grodd is able to bring the City crashing down.

Squire escapes on a jet bike, while the Master is drawn into the mysterious box and Grodd destroys Warmaker's shell. Ten minutes later, Squire manages to phone Batman for help.

Batmman accesses a secret store of advanced alien weaponry and takes his "flying saucer" to retrieve Squire.

Grodd reveals his plan to destroy the human world, using mind controlled Ultramarines. Nebula Man claims to herald the end of this world.

Batman rescues Squire from some killer jet apes by using Boom Tube technology to transport them to Pluto, where the JLA keeps a secret base. He reveals to her that the reason the JLA are not around is that they got lost in "the Infant Universe of Qwewq". Batman prepares to activate some JLA robots to keep anyone from knowing they're gone, while the Squire tries to contact them in Qwewq.


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