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Batman and Wonder Woman finally decide to do something about their attraction to each other.  The issue begins with Batman calling for Diana's help apprehending a villain. She arrives and they flirt for a while until the villain interrupts. 
The scene switches to the tower, where Wonder Woman is contemplating her relationship with Batman. She decides to make use of Transconsciousness Articulator--last seen in JLA #83--to determine her true feelings for the man. 
She is shown as experiencing roughly eight different dream episodes: some good, some bad. 
In the first, Diana is shown with Bruce on Themyscira. Bruce is an old man in a wheelchair, though Diana still appears to be young. They have apparently married and lived a long life together. He tells his wife that he is going to die soon, to her obvious distress. She asks him for one more day, and he replies that she can have every day he has left: "My life is yours. It always has been."
The scene then switches to what appears to be Gotham. There is a woman wearing an intricate black and gold Batwoman costume and a man wearing the traditional Batman costume. The two characters applaud themselves over their recent actions, which include having cut the arm off of an abusive husband, so that he cannot harm his wife anymore. 
A shorter scene is then shown of Diana not fitting in at a formal dinner with Bruce Wayne, followed by a short scene portraying Batman trying--and failing--to fit in with the Olympian Gods. 
Wonder Woman is subsequently shown being woken up by Batman, who tells her what she sees with the machine does not matter, and that only reality matters. This scene is revealed to be another dream sequence when it switches into a war scene. Diana, apparently the Queen of Themyscira, rushes into battle against an identified enemy with Batman at her side. 
Joker cuts apart that scene to disclose a more violent one. A broken Batman is shown bleeding on the floor beneath a laughing Joker. Wonder Woman, overcome with rage, ignores Batman's warnings not to kill Joker, and shoves Joker into a wall head first. She then cries beside the body of the presumably dead Joker. 
The violent image switches to another image of Diana crying. She is interrupted in her crying by Batman, who is wearing a less dark version of his usual costume. The dialogue reveals that she had sought permission to bear his child and failed. Bruce informs her that he is sad they will not have children, but is still happy that he has her. He tells her that she "saved my soul," indicating a lighter Batman than the usual one. 
Wonder Woman is then woken up by Batman, again, this time for real. They both decide that they are better off as friends, sharing a hug. Bruce asks her if the images were terrible and she replies that they were awful. However, the story ends with a short clip echoing the dialogue from the first dream sequence ("Can I have one more day?" "Every one I have left. My live is yours.") which contradicts her answer to Batman. 



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