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As the team faces Eclipso in the the pages of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, Adam Glass, producer/writer for TV's Supernatural, joins other talents to take us on a journey revealing key battles between the World's Greatest Heroes and mystical, hellish beings, including the Demon, Zatanna - and an object that could blackened the heroes' very souls.

Told as nine short stories that tie in together at the end.

  1. Fraud- Batman and Plastic Man battle Geryon. During the fight Plastic Man faces Bobby "Butter" McGee, a partner from his past who Eel O'Brian left taking the blame for a botched bank job and Bruce faces his parents who try to convince the dark knight that they were not the saints he has made them out to be. Batman is able to overpower the illusions, find a key and escape with Plastic Man.
  2. Anger- Green Arrow and Ragman fins them on the banks of the River Styx. After the pair are taunted by some demons they turn on each other out of rage. Green Arrow is able to overcome his anger and climbs into Ragman's body and uses Ragman's power and Green Arrows will to shoot Phlegias, the ferryman whose watching the fight. This causes Phlegias to fall into the river and leave a glowing key that teleports Green Arrow and Ragman out the circle.
  3. Heresy- When Donna Troy and Bulleteer find themselves in the Circle of Hell meant for Heresy they are greeted by Lilth. Lilth reprimands them for removing the lid on the torqued soul in her charge. Lilth then attacks the confused heroes claiming that Donna is a pagan and Bulleteer does not believe in God. During the fight Donna realizes that Lilth is hold a glowing artifact, that must be the source of her power. Bulleteer is able to knock the artifact out of Lilth's hand and the heroes escape Litih and the Circle of Heresy.
  4. Limbo- Superman awakes from a nightmare of not belonging anywhere and realizes he is in Limbo. He rescues Red Tornado who is having his own nightmare of not belonging also and the pair crash the wall of Limbo, where they find Minos. Minos informs them that because Red Tornado is a robot and Superman is too god like they will not be aloud into Heaven and will be judged and sent to Hell. When Minos tries to judge them he finds no sin. In the confusion Superman gets the jump on Minos and knocks him out. Superman then finds a gem and it teleports him and Red Tornado away.
  5. Violence- The Demon Etrigan and Hawkman find themselves in Hell looking for a piece of Dante's mask, when they are approached by Char'rah. Before they can react Char'rah uses his magic to make the Demon see Hawkman as Morganna Le Fay and Hawkman to see Etrigan as Hath Set. The two heroes do battle believing they are fight their enemies. It's not till Etrigan realizes something is a miss and calls upon Jason Blood that the pair stop fighting each other and fight Char'rah. Blood banishes Char'ra and finds the piece of Dante's mask and the pair teleports away.
  6. Greed- Lobo and Fire find themselves in the presence of Plutus, the God of Wealth. He informs them that they are in the circle of Hell saved for the greedy and wasteful. He tries to cover them in gold like the rest of the dammed in his circle, but Fire breaks free and frees Lobo. The pair then send Plutus the coward running. He leaves behind a piece of gold that teleports Lobo and Fire away.
  7. Gluttony- Booster Gold and Barbara Gordon find them in, what Barbara recognizes as, the Circle of Hell meant for gluttons. Barbara senses there is an information highway near by. When she touches the ground, that's covered in blind bodies, she is sucked in. Booster tries to revive her and when he can't he gets worried, that's when he is attacked by Cerberus. the guard of that circle of Hell. Booster fights Cerberus until Barbara wakes up and directs him to fly into Cerberus's mouth. When he flies out he has a stone that teleports Booster and Barbara away.
  8. Treachery- Zatanna and John Stewart find themselves in a ice cave with no end. They are forced to split up and while they are Zantanna finds Batman in one ice columns. He calls her a traitor and this makes Zantanna sink into the ice floor. Meanwhile John finds a large man in the ice you blames John for the destruction of worlds. John and Zantanna fight back Zee with her magic, John with his ring. Zee melts the ice columns then the head of the giant comes crashing through. John has cut off the giant's head and then noticed something in its mouth. When he pulls out the tooth Zantanna and John teleport away.
  9. Lust-Wonder Woman and Kara find themselves in a sea of souls. They are then attacked by some demons but the demons flee when Batman shows up. He promises to help Wonder Woman and Kara if only they will take his hand. Wonder Woman realizes its a trick and ties up the fake Batman with her lasso. Kara then freezes it with her ice breath and Wonder Woman shatters it with one punch. Kara then notices a piece is glowing and when she holds it the two women are teleported away.
  10. Inferno- All the heroes from earlier find themselves teleported to the same place, in front of a caged Satanus. He then reveals to the heroes that the stone they were collecting are pieces of the Hell Mask. He then takes the pieces from them and assembles them into the Hell Mask. This is when Lady Blaze shows up and when Plastic Man reveals he was hidden in the piece Batman found earlier. Plastic Man takes the mask and puts it on to correct the wrongs he has made. After a brief battle, Plastic Man learns the errors of his ways and commands the hero to blast him with everything they have. This kills Plastic Man, but then Zauriel, shows up with Plastic Man telling the heroes that it was not his time. Lady Blaze then gives everyone 10 minutes to get out of Hell so she can deal with her brother for his trickery.


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