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From The Longbox: JLA #7

  Asmodels Chariot arrives on Earth and he calls for the death of the fallen Angel Zauriel.  Although all is not what it seems. Zauriel apparently has been made mortal by request, and granted it by permission of "the Presence".  It seems Asmodel wants Zauriel dead because he knows of Asmodels plans to make an attack on God, thinking he can succeed where the Devil failed. 
See this battle through Kyles eyes and you can see the amazing things we take for granted after reading these little four color tomes for as long as we have been. It is rare that you see a hero going out of his head over the things he is doing. I thought this was a very good touch. Giving the rookie the role of the audience, at the same time he is a major part. 
  I haven't mentioned the art for a couple of reviews, and I am glad to say that Howard Porter continues to draw a good book.  In some panels there seems to be a lot going on, yet Porter allows it to be very clear where the action is. Good layouts and excellent colors as welll thanks to Pat Garrahy. 
  Once again, for being from Heaven and being as powerful as they say, The JLA gives a bit more of a battle than I would have thought. Take that little flaw away, and once again you have a decent book.

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