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Start if Obsidian Age

This is the first part of the story Arc Obsidian Age, although some of the effects were seen in issue JLA #65. The story arc was one of my personal favorites, and one of the first I remember reading when i started getting heavy into comics. Looking back this issue was a nice kick off to the Obsidian Age, and one of the less confusing parts of the Arc.

The Story is easy to fallow if you remember a few things. Aquaman and Atlantis were seemingly destroyed by Imperiex, during Our Worlds At War. Batman and Wonder Woman are in the middle of an on again off again will they won't they type of relationship. And lastly Kyle Rayner, just gave up the Ion power and is getting over being a God.

The artwork in the issue goes back and forth. Some panels are in depth and show a lot of texture, while other seem to be phoned in. The scenes involving Manitou Raven are expectational creepy, while those who involve his partner the Tezumak seem over the top.

As i said before i enjoyed this issue and recommenced a reread when you get the time.


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