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"Golden Perfect," Part 3 of 3. To what extent has Rama Khan of Jarhanpur turned truth into fiction? Well, our story begins on a flat earth... and it's downhill from there! The remaining Leaguers are helpless to stop the fraying edges of reality. And Wonder Woman, the only Leaguer who can help (and the person responsible for the madness), has vanished without a word. Has the woman who represents the heart of the League let them down at their darkest hour?

All over the globe ideas that people believe are coming true. The Moon is turning into cheese, the South is rising again, Vishnu is about to awake and end creation. The JLA are trying to fight these occurrences but they are down Wonder Woman, who went to Jarhanpur to try to talk Rama Khan and explain whats happening outside his city is his fault.

Rama won't hear about it and blames Wonder Woman for bringing this upon the Earth. Soon the JLA arrives in Jarhanpur and come to the conculsion that this is all happen because Wonder Woman made a choose to leave a small boy with Rama against her will. The JLA try to fight Rama, but Wonder Woman instead pleas with the Spirit of Jarhanpur to give her a second chance to do what is right.

Rama is furious with the Spirit of Jarhanpur for speaking with an outside and tries to use the land against Wonder Woman, but instead the land turns on him and his people. The JLA are able to save the people of Jarhanpur but not the city itself. This causes Rama to curse Wonder Woman and the JLA.

Later in the Watchtower, Wonder Woman explains to Superman that she may have made the mistake that almost destroyed the world because she missed her own mother. She then hint that the Spirit of Jarhapur may have fixed her Lasso of Truth and made it more powerful.


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