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"Golden Perfect," Part 2 of 3. The Lasso of Truth is severed. Now it seems that the very concept of truth itself has been fractured beyond repair ? and the heroes of the Justice League must contend with a world capriciously redefined by the dreams and fears of the human race. Only Rama Khan of Jarhanpur seems to hold the key to their survival, but with the League stretched beyond its capacity, and Wonder Woman's spirit broken, can even the World's Greatest Super-Heroes stand and fight?

Two weeks after the events of Golden Perfect part 1, in Gotham Killer Croc is freed from jail because he says he didn't do it. In Ivy Town Ray Palmer goes insane because two plus one keeps equaling four. In Metropolis Perry White lets Lois write a damaging articabout a high ranking official because of her gut instincts. Then in outer space, Kyle Rayner and Superman stop a unmanned space probe from crashing into Earth, the pair soon learn the probe was heading towards the center of the Universe and Earth was now that spot.

The JLA, minus Wonder Woman and Batman regroup to assess the current events and come to the conclusion that Truth is broken. Then are forced to continue the discussion at at later time because the Earth begins to change shape in to a flat disc.

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman is on a self appointed quest to fix the Lasso of Truth that was broken earlier. She travels though the Land of Shade to speak with the fates. When she reaches the Fate's home she finds it over run by bugs and insects.

The Fates inform her the insects are her fault, and that Wonder Woman is responsible for the abandonment of Truth. The remains of the Lasso of Truth becomes insects and Wonder Woman is forced to leave the Land of Shade with out the repairing the Lasso of Truth.


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