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    JLA » JLA #45 - Tower of Babel Part Three of Four: Protected By The Cold released by DC Comics on September 1, 2000.

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    With the Tower of Babel throwing the globe into chaos, the JLA regroups, dealing with both the physical and emotional fallout of Batman's secret files being used against them. Meanwhile, Batman gathers information by spying on R'as Al Ghul and begins to plan the counter attack.

    Full Plot

    Post activation of the Tower Of Babel, Ra's al Ghul has sown the seeds of confusion in the whole world. People cannot comprehend what others are saying, writing, etc. Languages have become meaningless jokes. Armies understand something that might not be the original order.

    The JLA is powerless to stop this. Each member has been targeted by a specific weapon that leaves them utterly powerless to do anything.This has all come due to some "secret dossiers" maintained by one member of the JLA, Batman. Previously, Ra's al Ghul managed to steal Batman's documents and sent his special team of assassins to do the job.

    Now, except Batman, every other member of the JLA is at the mercy of Ra's al Ghul. J'onn, unable to use his abilities due to nanites bonding to his skin. Flash immobilized by lightspeed epilepsy. Plastic Man literally breaking to pieces. Aquaman made phobic of water. Wonder Woman fighting a virtual reality battle with machines. GL blinded. And Superman, his powers increased to gigantic levels due to transparent skin resulting from Red-K radiation effects.

    Batman tries to message Aquaman of the Tower's location, but Ra's intercepts his signal and scrambles it by activating the Tower of Babel. The assassins following Batman try to shoot him down, but he narrowly escapes death.

    Later, Batman enters Ra's sanctuary in disguise. He announces Batman's "death." Talia slaps him to vent her frustration and anger. He leaves, hearing the remaining part of a private verbal showdown between Ra's and Talia.

    Plastic Man and J'onn help recover the others members of the JLA, except Aquaman. GL thought he was blind, but now he can see again. At this time, Batman transmits the coordinates of Ra's Tower of Babel and tells the team to go into action. Superman asks them to wait and fliesaway to Earth.

    Back on Earth, as Batman pilots the bat-plane, he sees Superman standing in his path. He flies past and Superman accompanies him. Batman informs him of the Tower's location and asks him to ready the team for action.

    The two of them come to Antarctica. They find Flash, GL, Wonder Woman and Plastic Man already present. Batman tracks two Mig-15s following them and asks GL and WW to handle them. THen the rest of the team go inside the Tower of Babel. GL vents his feelings about Batman's deceit. Wonder Woman consoles him.

    Inside the Tower, mind waves are so strong that even the JLA have trouble communicating via telepathy. Superman plans to blow up the tower and asks Flash to get everyone out. Moments later, the tower bursts, and is razed to the ground.

    Superman confronts Batman directly. Batman sidesteps the question. But suddenly, a new transmission comes in from Talia. She alerts the team that the Tower of Babel was only the beginning. Ra's is trying to initiate a war in Raphastan. But suddenly, a gunshot sounds over the transmission. A male voice comes through, speaking of Talia being wounded for being caught giving away precious information. The voice taunts the JLA and then the transmission ends.


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    Tower of Babel: Superb storyline... 0

    The third installment in the JLA series,"Tower of Babel", this book really gives us much insight into the super teams plannings and motives.  On one side, Ra's al Ghul, sitting in peace, observing the outcome of the seeds of confusion he has sown upon the world. He takes delight in his actions.   On the other side, the JLA sits hopeless, paralysed by weapons thought up by an intellectual mind, Batman, and realized by another, Ra's al Ghul.  Batman tries to outrun Ra's guards on the cold mountain...

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