JLA #17

    JLA » JLA #17 - Prometheus Unbound! released by DC Comics on April 1, 1998.

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    Noting that Flash and GL are no longer a threat to him, Prometheus shoots them out of spite and walks away, leaving them for dead.

    Batman quickly recovers and is able to remove the bullet from GL; Flash’s speed suit absorbed the kinetic force of his bullet.

    Prometheus then breaks into the trophy room, where Superman and Wonder Woman are escorting the one hundred members of the media to the Martian shuttle bays. The media personal seem to be close to panic as Prometheus explains that any minute now Steel’s hammer will come crashing through an exterior wall of the Watchtower, causing an explosive decompression, which will kill everyone in the tower, (unknown to him Plastic Man has already intercepted Steel) except Superman. So, to save all those lives, he wants Superman to kill himself live on television; only then will he allow all the civilians to escape.

    CatwomanIt is then that the only unforeseen variable makes her move. Catwoman, formerly disguised as Cat Grant, went along to see if she could steal a few things from the Watchtower; decides that she doesn’t want to see so many people die, and whips Prometheus in the crotch with her bullwhip. Steel appears and takes control of Prometheus’ technology.

    Prometheus decides to chalk this one up to experience and explains to flash that he was lying about the bombs, then teleports back to the Ghost-Zone, where he finds a very angry Zaurel, who he is forced to quickly send back to the Watchtower.


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    From The Longbox : JLA #17 0

    Summary:   After his preliminary strike, Prometheus sets out to take down the big guns. First by causing Green Lantern to lose focus and then shooting him, then by explaining that Flash could kill people by using his speed.  However, things fall apart when he reaches Superman.   REVIEW:    I do not feel I gave to much of a spoiler. We love our books for the excitement , but we know that somehow the League will make it out ok.  I am very glad with the way things unravel for Prometheus. he is a go...

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