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From The Longbox: JLA #15

Summary : 
In this issue, we start out with Lex Luthor trying to make another appeal to Aztek, to have him join the Injustice League. We then cut to Batman, who reiterates that there are three people within the Injustice League who is working for him.
Before Batman Superman and the Martian Manhunter are able to reach the Satelite, the Injustice League discovers that Plastic Man has been diguised as the Joker. When they do arrive, Mirror Master walks off, having been paid off by Batman, and the Green Arrow turns his Bow and Arrow on Lex Luthor.
Plastic Man tries to surround Circe, but she calls him, and then turns him into a pig. Doctor Polaris changes the light in the Base, and even takes control of Supermans body. After a short fight the Justice League wins and has the Philosophers Stone, as well as disarming the nuclear weapons in the Watchtower. Unfortunately, the Joker comes in and causes a little chaos,.  
This is almost anti climatic.. Yet it is just a whole lot of fun. There is not much fighting going on. It is mostly, the villains try something, then the heroes easily counter it and stop it. I enjoyed this book immensly, and it is an excellent ending to the over all "Rock Of Ages" storyline.


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