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Can't Run Fast Enough...

While this story really doesn't have that much content, this comic has a cool message.

The Good

This isn't a earth shattering comic. There is not giant bad guy who is trying to take over the Earth. Instead, this is a story about emotions; more specifically Wally West's struggle when first facing death. I don't think this is first time Wally has seen someone die, but this was not a superhero death. It was the death of some civilians who, as a hero, Wally had vowed to protect. It really hit home to him.

We see all these physical battles in superhero comics and yet we really don't see many physiological battles. So, this comic is quite refreshing.

The Bad

As I said, there isn't much to this comic. It feels short and could considered a filler issue, but the message is a powerful one: You can't win all the time and Flash sees that in this issue.


If you are looking for a full out brawl between the JLA and say...Darkseid, you should look elsewhere. However, if you are looking for a comic with a nice yet haunting message, this is the comic for you!

I think this is a very cool powerful image
I think this is a very cool powerful image

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