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This landmark extra-sized 100th issue features the long-awaited return of one of the toughest and most raw super-groups in the DCU: The Elite! The JLA is torn apart when Vera Black makes her debut as leader of the Elite, with intentions to clear her family name and show the JLA “how things should be done!” The shockwaves from this issue changes the JLA as we know it — dividing its ranks and setting the stage for July’s debut of the exciting new maxiseries Justice League Elite!

Told as two seperate back and forth story-lines, one that one that takes place now and one that takes place 24 hours earlier.

Yesterday in Arizona, Major Disaster feels really depressed. Then back at the Watchtower, the Atom tells the JLA that there are countless natural disasters that seem to point at mother nature fighting back against humanity. Then when Major Disaster is back in the watchtower he is possessed by Gaia, and he?she gives the JLA a message, she is not pleased. While discussing whats happening Vera Black shows up, claiming to be coming in peace. Then in the presence of the still possessed Major Disaster, Vera explains to the JLA that Hat had the same problem earlier and it is true Mother Earth is angry and will destroy humanity in 48 hours, unless they fallow her plan. After much convincing Superman agrees to Vera's plan.

Now, the US Senate is attacked by Vera Black and her team the Elite. Superman tries to stop them but Vera sends him though a building. The rest of the JLA are no match for the Elite, and several of the JLA appear to be killed. After the Elite leave Wonder Woman goes to the UN and begs them to work together.

A half a day later, the Elite are met by Superman, Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter. Superman threatens the Elite but Vera laughs in his face. Superman then teleports the Elite to a different spot where all the armies of the world are prepared for them. A battle breaks out between the Elite and all the armies of the world working together. Then when it looks like Vera and Superman might kill each other, Gaia steps in and says shes sorry and that humanity can be saved. Superman then knocks Vera to the ground to keep up the appearance that they are not working together.

Tomorrow, there is peace on Earth for a few days while everyone rebuilds, the Elite are said to be imprisoned, and the image of Gaia is explained as a hoax by the Elite. On the Watchtower Vera tells the JLA she wants to start her own team of black ops heroes and after objections form Batman and Superman she leaves with Major Disaster, and Flash to start the Justice League Elite.

Continued in Justice League Elite #1


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