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 JLA #s 1 to 4 - W Grant Morrison; P Howard Porter; I John Dell
I´m not a big fan fo JLA, I lke The Avengers better, but since everybody talk so dam well about this team, I´ve decided to check upon them. I´d begun with this series ('cause I´ve remembered that the issue 1 stayed on Wizard's Top List in #1 for a long time) and to be honest I was a little disapointed. In some scenes there aren´t no conection to the previous with the next, and you kinda think to yourself: "Oooo, what just happened? Did Batman really hit on Diana?", and these gaps occurred in all the 4 issues reviwed. As for the story I wasn´t so thrilled too, 'cause it´s too obvious and boring to put all the blame on the martians, didn´t like it. But, overall, it was a good reading, not the best (like the Geoff Johns and Ed Benes' run on the team), but decent (Howard Porter's fine art saved the day) with some good action battles (like The Flash with Zum and Batman cornering 3 martians).

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