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    A young Zabrak.

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    As a Jedi Youngling, Jiro was a member of The Soaring Hawkbat Clan. When Jedi Masters K'Kruhk and Sian Jeisel arrived at the Bogden Jedi Training Facility on Bogden 3, which is where they were stationed, Order 66 was issued and K'Kruhk and Jeisel's storm troopers began to murder the Jedi, youngling and master alike. After Jiro and a few other younglings were rescued by K'Kruhk and Piru they were living in exile whilst being trained in the ays of the force by K'Kruhk. 
    When Lumbra and his men came to the youngling's camp and stumbled upon their broken ship, which they discovered had a piece they needed for their own ship, they proceeded to take it, much to the disgust of another youngling named Sedddwia who leaped at him yelling at him to leave their ship alone, Jiro witnessed all of this. As Lumbra started to drag Seddwia away from the camp, Jedi Master Chase Piru came to her rescue, but was beleived to of been shot dead. Now that Lumbra had realised these children were Jedi Younglings he chained them all up intend on turning them in to The Empire. Jiro asked another youngling by the named of Kennan Taanzer on what the could do, only to get the responce "Concentrate on staying on our feet...Focus on staying alive."  
    K'Kruhk freed the younglings, after he gave into some of his more primal and beastial instincts. Chase Piru was proven not to of been dead after he helped K'Kruhk shoot down Lumbra's men with arrows. K'Kruhk dropped off The Soaring Hawkbat Clan off on another planet, visiting occasionally but never stayting.


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