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Jiro is the second disciple of Acacia and one of the strongest men on the planet .

Jiro's powers were sealed by Acacia, before this he was known as the rampaging beast who was raised by Wolf King Guinness.


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At over five hundred years old, Jirou's sealed and most common state takes the form of an old but toned man sporting casual clothing like sandals, shorts and a vest.

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When prepared for battle, Jirou applies knocking to his muscles, inducing rapid growth. His frame becomes broader, his musculature more pronounced and he grows taller. In this state, as seen at the Cooking Festival, the Knocking Master wears a tight black shirt and a waistcoat.

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The Rampaging Beast undoes more Knocking to reveal his penultimate state. In this form, his gourmet cells glow luminous along his skin, his hair grows longer and his appearance becomes more wolfish. This canine similarity is likely a result of being raised by Wolf King Guinness and as such, his most savage state reflects the feral nature of the wolf pack he calls his brethren.

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In his fully Unsealed state, Jirou gains a much more youthful appearance, with smooth skin. His musculature is consistent with those who have Gourmet Cells: a bulky and tall frame.

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As a young man, Jirou is more lean than bulky with sharp features and his trademark pushed out widow's peak.

Powers and Abilities

Prior to EoS, Jirou was noted as one of the three strongest beings on the planet, said to be able to destroy it, the Toriko planet is 220,000km in circumference, making it the third largest planet if it were put into our solar system. As a disciple of Acacia, the Rampaging Beast owes his skills and Knocking techniques to the Gourmet hero.


This ability is used in Toriko to non-lethally subdue a target. Knocking targets the victims pressure points, muscles and other parts of the anatomy to induce paralysis. However Knocking kn Jioru's level is more akin to kinetic energy manipulation with a multitude of uses.

In his weakest and most controlled state, Jirou has Knocked the earth:

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Stopping the planet's rotation and halting even the tiniest of movements of beings on a 18,000 sq km island.

  • Instructs Teppei how to halt the explosion of the earth, the energy released would have dwarfed a supernova
  • Stops time in his vicinity via knocking
  • Can manipulate his body composition via knocking
  • Paralyzed a Blue Nitro by blowing on it
  • Halts the effects of an attack said to rock the mantle of the Toriko earth

It should be noted here that Jirou has knocked enough damage done to his body over the course of his five hundred+ year life time to destroy the Toriko planet several times over.

  • Jumpstarts Komatsu's heart via Knocking
  • Knocks a group of assailants
  • Knocks the damage done to him from a Blue Nitro's attack
  • Paralyzes a Blue Nitro Indefinitely
  • Knocks every inch of Acacia's body apart from his mouth


Jirou's physical strength easily surpasses the capacity to lift 100 tons.

  • Flicks off the head of a Blue Nitro
  • Punches a piece of Neo into space, said piece was putting out force equivalent to the spinning of a large planet
  • Snaps golden thread
  • Kills a Blue Nitro with Head Shaker
  • Big Bang attack launches a Blue Nitro into space


The Knocking Master can move, fight and react at faster-than-light speeds.

  • While in his suppressed form, he effortlessly moves faster than Toriko's perceptions, who had this point was faster than a version of himself who could react to lightning while blind, inside a tornado at -50 degrees with low oxygen
  • Dodges an attack from a Neo spore at point blank
  • Knocks Acacia before the latter could stop him, First Form Acacia has avoided attacks from God's tongue which moves at and above lightspeed



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