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    Jinx is the grandson of Louise Hastings, of the Darkhold Redeemers, and a powerful adept in the mystic arts.

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    A page of the Darkhold, the Book of Sins, had made its way onto a moving airplane where Caprice Hastings, estranged daughter of Darkhold Redeemer Louise Hastings, was working as a stewardess and Louise herself was a passenger.  When the page began to wreak havok on the passengers of the plane, Caprice was killer but luckily the plane was landed and the Redeemers were safe.  Caprice's dying wish was for Louise to watch up for her son William aka Jinx.   

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Part of the Darkhold Redeemers

    Beginning as a rambunctious rebellious teenager, Jinx latent magical powers were awakened due to an encounter with the Darkhold page that killed his mother.  Soon afterwards, the Redeemers were betrayed by an unwitting Sam Buchanan and Jinx became instrumental in rescuing Victoria Montesi, the Redeemers leader.  After proving himself a valuable ally, Jinx became an unofficial member of the team and a student of Modred the Mystic, an ancient soulless magician possessed of the power of the Darkhold.  Jinx was cut down along with Victoria Montesi by Blade when he was possessed by the Demogorge but was returned to life when his grandmother Louise sacrificed her own soul to expel the Demogorge and returned all slain back to life.
    He stayed with the Redeemers until the Siege of Darkness when Louise was slain by Morbius (possessed by a Lilin), Modred was taken over by Chthon, and Victoria's  mystic pregnancy by Chthon was revealed.  He was sent away for his own protection so he could safely practice and hone his magic abilities.  He has not been seen since except for an appearance right after the Civil War.



    Born with a powerful natural affinity for magic.  Has studied under Modred the Mystic and Dr Strange.

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