Jinta Hanakari

    Character » Jinta Hanakari appears in 42 issues.

    One of the helpers around Urahara's shop, Jinta is known for his iconic red hair, his short temper, and his beloved oversized iron mace. Even though Jinta's too small to make an impression, he is pretty powerful.

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    Appearance and Personality

    Jinta is a short red headed young looking boy. He tends to wear the same white t- shirt and blue sweat pants often, the Urahara Shoten symbol on his shirt. While Jinta looks like a bratty young man he does sometimes prove to be hiding part of himself from others. Jinta is very loud and insulting a lot of the time, especially towards Ururu, Renji, and Ichigo. Jinta is also a daydreamer as he likes to pretend he is a major league ball player while he swings his broom around. Jinta tends to be abusive physically abuse Ururu, but shows that he truly and deeply cares for her as a sister as he comes to her aid during the Arrancar's first attack. Jinta may tend to be very vocal and rude towards people a lot, but he does show that he is a lot wiser than he looks during conversations where he more serious.

    Involvement in the Story

    Early Stories

    In the earlier stories Jinta is seen very few times and isn't seen long. The first time he is seen Rukia comes to the story and runs into him and Ururu as he is smacking her in the head with a broom that he is suppose to be cleaning with. After Rukia stops him he takes her into the shop where she is introduced to Tessai and Kisuke. Rukia picks up he Mod Soul device and leaves. Later when Kisuke realizes what has happened with teh mod soul mix up Jinta makes fun of Ururu for being unable to read , but is quickly brought to speed as to what is happening with the mod soul loose. Jinta joins the rest of the team as they set out to capture Kon. After Kon's fate is determined Jinta isn't seen again until he helps Ichigo and Uryu with the rest of team Urahara Shoten as they mow down the army of Hollows that are invading the human world.

    Broken Coda

    During Ichigo's struggle to regain his Soul Reaper powers Jinta plays the constant tormentor as he makes fun of Ichigo or spits on him while he is trying to get out of the Shattered Shaft. When Ichigo finally gets free from the shaft Jinta is confused and possibly terrified as he is brought face to face with a Hollow wearing a Soul Reaper's uniform. After Ichigo reveals that he is fine Jinta joins the rest of the Urahara Shoten in becoming the acting field medics for the remainder of the training.

    After the Soul Society Arc

    When Ichigo and the others return home from the Soul Society Jinta and the others are the first to greet the team as they return home from their hard fought battle. Jinta gets ready to use the giant club he carries to launch the team into the air, but is cut short as Tessai brings them to rest on teh flying rug.

    Arrancar Storyline

    JInta isn;t seen oftten, but does come to help Ururu after she is stabbed by an Arrancar.

    Powers and Abilities

    Jinta proves to be a lot more powerful than he looks as he tends to fight using a gigantic metal club like it where a toy baseball bat. Jinta is very fast as he runs vertically up a cliff face. Jinta also seems to have a lot of the same training as his companion Ururu, but less refined.


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