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    The Jinchūriki are humans who have had one of the Legendary Tailed Beasts sealed withing their bodies.

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    Naruto Vol. 1 JPN (Mar 2000)
    Naruto Vol. 1 JPN (Mar 2000)

    The Jinchūriki (人柱力, Jinchūriki) are a group from the Naruto series created by Masashi Kishimoto. The series first began serialization in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in November 1999. It first appeared in Naruto Volume 1, CH. 1 "Uzumaki Naruto".

    The Jinchūriki are all ninja of the various shinobi villages that have had one of the Legendary Tailed Beasts sealed withing their bodies.


    One-Tailed Raccoon Jinchūriki

    Bunpuku is the first known Jinchūriki of Shukaku, the One-Tailed Racoon. He was an old monk who was kept in prison and under constant guard while Shukaku was sealed within him. He actually held a close friendship with Shukaku and had his respect.

    Gaara of Sunagakure was a following Jinchūriki of Shukaku. Gaara is the son of the Fourth Kazekage, and he was a newborn infant when Shukaku was sealed within him. Though the village tried to kill him as he was seen as unstable, he was always protected by the sand. Shortly after becoming the Kazekage of Sunagakure, Gaara was captured by Deidara and Sasori of the Akatsuki. Removing Shukaku from him killed Gaara, but he was revived without his Tailed Beast by Chiyo.

    Two-Tailed Cat Jinchūriki

    Yugito Nii is the only known Jinchūriki of Matatabi, the Two-Tailed Cat. She was captured by Hidan and Kakuzu of the Akatsuki. Removing Matatabi from her killed Yugito.

    Three-Tailed Turtle Jinchūriki

    Yagura, the Fourth Mizukage, is the first known Jinchūriki of Isobu, the Three-Tailed Turtle. Rin Nohara, a Leaf Village Ninja, was forced to be the Jinchūriki of Isobu as part of the Kirigakure's plot to attack Konohagakure during the Third Shinobi World War. She sacrificed her life to stop their plan. Isobu was recaptured and sealed within Yagura. At which point, he was defeated and killed by the Akatsuki.

    Four-Tailed Ape Jinchūriki

    Roshi is the only known Jinchūriki of Son Goku, the Four-Tailed Ape. He was captured by Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki of the Akatsuki. Removing Son Goku from him killed Roshi.

    Five-Tailed Horse Jinchūriki

    Han is the only known Jinchūriki of Kokuo, the Five-Tailed Horse. It's unknown which of the Akatsuki captured Han. Removing Kokuo from him killed Han.

    Six-Tailed Slug Jinchūriki

    Utakata is the only known Jinchūriki of Saiken, the Six-Tailed Slug. It's unknown which of the Akatsuki captured Han. Removing Saiken from him killed Utakata.

    Seven-Tailed Beetle Jinchūriki

    Fuu is the only known Jinchūriki of Chomei, the Seven-Tailed Beetle. It's unknown which of the Akatsuki captured Han. Removing Chomei from him killed Fuu.

    Eight-Tailed Ox Jinchūriki

    Fukai is the earliest known Jinchūriki of Gyuki, the Eight-Tailed Ox. He died when the Eight Tails went on a rampage and it was sealed by the Third Raikage to stop it. Killer Bee, the adopted brother of Ei Yotsuki, was the next Jinchūriki of the Eight Tails. Bee was scorned by the village, but he never let his pain show as he boldly walked through the streets rapping.

    Nine-Tailed Fox Jinchūriki

    Mito Uzumaki is the first known Jinchūriki of Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Fox. As she was nearing death from old age, Kurama was transferred into Kushina Uzumaki. The Nine-Tails was released by Obito Uchiha, but it was once again sealed into Kushina and Minato Namikaze's new born son, Naruto Uzumaki, to stop its rampage. Half the power was absorbed into Minato, shortly before his death; and the other half went to Naruto.

    Ten-Tailed Beast Jinchūriki

    The Sage of Six Paths was the original Jinchūriki of the Ten-Tailed Beast. He sealed the beast within himself to stop its rampage many centuries ago. He then went on to split the Ten-Tails into the various nine Tailed Beasts before his death. After the Ten-Tails was revived, it was sealed within Obito Uchiha to fulfill his Moon's Eye plan. He then lost this power when Naruto and the Shinobi Alliance ripped the the power of all nine Biju free. Although, Madara Uchiha almost immediately recaptured them and became the Jinchūriki of the Ten-Tails.

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